Sep 14, 2011

Misfortune: a piratey BETA

Misfortune, one of those freemium offerings facebook seems to favour, has been around for quite some time now, provided of course a few weeks would be considered quite some time now. Now, being a lover of all things indie and free, and following a kind invitation by one of its creators, well, I decided to take a look and let you precious reader know whether this would be a pass-time worthy of your lofty status or not; apparently and happily, it is.

The game is a refreshingly old-fashioned CRPG -that's a Computer Role Playing Game, I oddly feel the urge to remind you- quite reminiscent of Dungeon Master, what with its first-person, tile-based, puzzle-featuring mechanics. What's more, Misfortune is much more than a tribute to the RPGs of yore that can be played in a browser. Oh, no. It's a very well written and verbose game that never fails to raise a smile, while wisely avoiding them generic fantasy settings and going instead for a Monkey Island-esque take on pirate folklore, which frankly suits me fine. Actually the plot and setting are its strongest and most impressive assets.

On the other hand, this being a product of its era, it does tend to go for a more casual approach to roleplaying. The interface is simple, the puzzles are simple, the graphics are simple and the combat is incredibly simple, while each mission/quest is pretty short, meaning that Misfortune should be perfect both for the casual crowds and of course for the lucky people that aren't unemployed just yet. As for me, getting my 30 minutes fix every day or so seems to work brilliantly; you could also join the fun over here too, you know. Oh, and do know the game is still in BETA; not that you'd notice, but we should all understand that things will improve even further.

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