Sep 8, 2011

Excellent Free Games For Falling Leaves

Ah, yes, freeware games. How we all love them, don't we? Even more so when they are of the indie persuasion, brimming with quality, polish and innovation. You know, just like the following seven offerings that have been hand-picked for you quality gaming entertainment. There's something for everyone mind; enjoy! 

Warthogs: People that not necessarily hate but, well, dislike Harry Potter and love adventure games should probably love this little gem. It's a short, sweet, beautifully pixelated, impressively crafted and occasionally sarcastic AGS offering. Interestingly, Warthogs is a also a very good adventure game too, and one discovered by the ever brilliant Indie Games Blog

Reprisal: Only a demo one has to admit, but such a promising one (one has to also admit). Oh, and everybody will have to further admit that Reprisal is an incredibly intriguing take on Populous, which itself hasn't been properly remade for ages. Not that I'm talking about a remake; what we have here is more of something inspired by Populous. Obviously something that let's you raise mountains and destroy virtual lives too.

Ultima IV: A freebie that will let you enjoy (relatively speaking that is) the Quest of the Avatar on modern PCs complete with a PDF assortment of manuals, maps and spellbooks. Just don't expect to be overly thrilled. This is an archaic and badly aged roleplaying offering with an infuriating morals mechanic and a demented parser; still, it's somehow considered a classic so there.

Forget Me Not: You could of course pay and grab this psychedelic Pac-Man-esque thing for your iDevice (should you own one), but the free PC version is just so much better. And rather unique too, as you get to blast an impressive menagerie of vaguely recognizable baddies. Excellent fun for the extended family this one! Besides, grandpa would never get to manage them touch-screen controls.

Cryptozookeeper: A huge, polished, well-written and lavishly illustrated piece of interactive fiction I have yet to finish. Should you enjoy its weird animals, tons of characters, lovely soundtrack, odd visuals and splatterpunk-iness, you'd be better off grabbing the boxed version available. You'd also be helping the rise of a new era of text adventures, which would be really nice.

Maldita Castilla: Locomalito, that amazing indie developer, plays with the Ghosts 'n' Goblins formula. Why? For love, culture and glory of course, and in order to create a pretty brilliant action platformer with a distinct retro feel. The game is short, looks spectacular and sounds like a proper arcade machine. It's not too hard either.

Hero's Adventure: Disturbing and over in 30 seconds, that's what it is, yet I love it. It reminds me of certain teen experiences I might have had. What's more, Hero's Adventure is a truly smart and cynical take on top-down CRPGs. And Terry Cavanagh created it. And I love it, but I already said so, didn't I?

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  1. "archaic and badly aged roleplaying offering with an infuriating morals mechanic and a demented parser" - wow, you really know how to sell a game... :-D

  2. I refute that statement Captain! Describing the game 'Forget Me Not' as a "psychedelic Pac-Man-esque thing" has ensured that I'll be checking it out. I've enjoyed many games of Pac Man (and come to think of it, many psychedelics as well) over the years. Marrying the two things into one soundbite has sold it to me completely!
    I rather like the look of the Hogwarts thingy too...

  3. Ah, but you see "psychedelic Pac-Man-esque thing" has a really good ring to it, but "archaic and badly aged roleplaying offering with an infuriating morals mechanic and a demented parser"? Although the demented parser does actually sound quite fun!!

    I never really got on with the Warthogs game, probably needed to have a bit more patience with it.

  4. How can you? where did you? have you any idea I have to work, sleep and eat? and now you expect me to play these.. intriquing... captivating.. mammoth selection of free games...? Have you even heard of generosity having bounds?

    (takes off coat....)

    ...looks like I'll be eligible for naturalisation after I get through this lot....

    (hugs Gnome)

    Thank you! :)

    (heads for Cryptozookeeper....)

  5. Even though it's probably true, it's still sad to hear people beat on Ultima IV.

    If you hear anyone weeping below the comment box, it's not me.

  6. @ Captain D: It did come out a bit negative, didn't it? :) Well, I suppose I never really liked the thing that mcuh, though it admittedly is a genre classic.

    @ Father K: Psychedelics and games eh Father? Two definitive signs of wisdom I would dare suggest.

    @ Elderly: Well, I'm frankly sorry my friend. The Cryptozookeeper made me do it. But, wait, awwww... (Hugs back)

    @ Harbour Master: Oh, please, don't be sad. Here have a cookie. And I do quite love Ultima 5 you know. Does that count?

  7. :)

    (helps himself to free cookies...)

  8. I never played U5. Didn't come out on my machine.

    (takes cookie)

  9. :)

    (smiles at Harbour Master, takes another cookie)

    ...wonder where's he's gone? last I heard he was looking for a white shirt... he does make exceptionally good cookies though... :p

  10. Hope he didn't put on a red shirt, because once he beams down to the planet, that'll be the last we see of him.

  11. Here I am. It's just that weddings always lead to monumental hangovers really. And a lot of jacket swapping, which is fun but takes time to remedy.

    Anyway. More cookies anyone?

    A bit of Ultima 5? It's really good that one...

  12. (..hides worry beads and resists the urge to hug the missing humanoid...)

    ...more cookies are you kidding me..? :)

    (whispers to Harbour Master..) Thank heavens he went for the white shirt but judging from that jacket he's grown....alot..

    (searches Star Trek wiki for correlation between abnormal growth patterns and planetary exploration..)

  13. So, uhm, no cookies then. Perhaps if I cooked something then? Eh?

    Is everything allright here?

  14. :P well if you insist, I mean it's early days, heaven knows what visitors could still arrive...

    ...I'll get the flour.. assuming it's flour you use?

  15. Yeah, sure. Flour will definitely be needed. And olive oil. And, uhm, artichokes I believe. Ah, yes, that's going to be lovely, but first to wear the cooking-suit.

  16. (enters after a short delay, carrying the ingredients.....spots gnome in his cooking suit..drops artichokes...)

    ....what the?

  17. oh THE the!

    why didn't you just say so...?

  18. But, uhm, I just did, didn't I?

  19. yes but...

    :( ?

    (sighs...heads to gnomes kitchen make tea..)