Mar 10, 2011

The 2010 AGS Awards

Gone are the days of my ridiculously time-consuming posts on the AGS Awards and in are the days of a glorious new epoch where only the winners and a select few nominees get a short, belated mention I'm afraid. Then again, you do want me working on that King's Quest III Redux review, don't you? And how about that fantastic AGD Interactive mega-feautre you hadn't heard about till a second ago? Of course you want me to.

So, on to the AGS 2010 Awards and some of the best indie point-and-click adventure ever developed with the help of the AGS engine. Well, here's the competition results link, here is the lovely video of the awards ceremony and here are the winners:

The Journey Down: Despite having already mentioned and enjoyed this brilliant point-and-clicker by Skygoblin, I really should have written more about it and the creative forces responsible for its development. It has after all won 10 of the 17 AGS Awards, including Best Game, Best Gameplay, Best Original Story, Best Puzzles, Best Animation and Best Music. Impressed? Well, you really should be.

Eternally Us: Another one your humble Lair didn't miss and a truly fantastic game by the prolific Ben 304. It went on to win Best Dialog, Best Short Game and more than a few nominations.

Matt to the Future: Haven't played this one just yet, but I quite love both its artwork and the idea of mixing zombies, time-travel, humour and point-and-click adventuring. Oh, and it did win the Best Demo award too.

Operation: FORKLIFT: Seems like an Advance Wars rip-off that has been impressively coded with AGS. Too politically dubious to make me care, but it did grab the Best Non-Adventure Game and Best Programming Awwards.

Ben Jordan - Case 2 Deluxe: It's the same Ben Jordan game we've all loved, but updated and sporting an extended storyline and an excellent voice over. It did obviously win the Best Voice Work award.

Honorable mentions go to the utterly wacky Snakes of Avalon (review) that made it as a nominee to almost every category possible, to the rather brilliant and dark Technobabylon and to the Japanese-speaking Kuma Story. Enjoy clicking through each and every one!

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  1. Dude, I used to play the Ben Jordan series back in the day. These deluxe editions deserve another playthrough.

  2. Absolutely! They've made those brilliant games bigger, better and more beautiful than ever.

  3. Journey Down = Art. Beautiful, beautiful game.

  4. Well I am disappointed, Eternally Us deserved a few more awards in my opinion, especially the best animation award.

  5. @ Eriq: It is indeed a beautiful game and its high-res version should be jaw-dropping!

    @ Jonathon: Well, compos and awards are weird beasts, though I do agree. Eternally Us and Snakes of Avalon should have gotten a bit more recognition.