Oct 15, 2010

The World of the Living Dead

The World of Living Dead isn't a particularly subtle title for a MMO that features zombies, but it definitely is, well, both appropriate and evocative of George Romero's classic movies. The innovation of the game is to be found elsewhere. The World of the Living Dead, you see, will be a freeware, browser-based MMO (MMORPG actually) that will have gamers truly struggle for survival in real-life locations, in what can only be described as a particularly gritty and realistic hunt for food, shelter, and water (or any other liquid). And no ,you wont be playing as a zombie. They are a mindless, rotting, shambling, mass, they are.

You will instead be a NECRA (National Emergency Control and relief Agency) operative trying to help him- or herself and a group of survivors make it through another day. Now, as the game is still in closed beta (you could apply to help it test itself though) and constantly evolving, I wont be going into detail, but I will let you know that I thought it was brilliantly atmospheric, tense and way more strategic than I had initially imagined. Definitely a MMORPG to look out for. then Oh, and those NECRA tips should help you get the thing's mood:

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