Oct 12, 2010

The People's Glorious Text Adventure

As already mentioned, the 2010 Interactive Fiction Competition is underway and over 20 mostly brilliant games have been made available. The People's Glorious Text Adventure by Taylor Vaughan is -happily, I might add- one of them and can either be downloaded here or simply played online with the help of your unmodified open-source browser. It also is the only game I've ever played to equip my in game persona with a "What Would Trotsky do?" bracelet. Fancy, that.

The People's Glorious Text Adventure, as the title not so subtly implies, is a) a rather old fashioned text adventure, b) glorious, c) funny and d) a political satire that isn't afraid to be, well, actually political in a most well-mannered yet obviously progressive and almost radical way. It also happens to be a rare game that hilariously combines the wit of Grouch and the wisdom of Karl Marx to create a pretty big game, that impressively failed to infuriate me; believe me, as much as I care for political video games, finding fault with them comes far too naturally to me. So, well done c. Taylor for an excellent satire and true text adventure for the people!

Oh, and in Soviet Russia text adventures YOU!

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  1. Ah, my love for text adventures has dried out over the course of last ten years.

    BTW, where did you find that image?

  2. I'm pretty sure I found it over at Uncyclopedia while searching for the truly surreal Lenin entry.