Aug 9, 2010

XII Games: Infinity Bit

Vince Twelve of xii games has always been fond (also, capable) of weird, innovative and simultaneously excellent games like Anna and the impeccably named What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed. He's also developed a taste for what can roughly be described as point-and-click adventures, just like his upcoming, extremely promising and simply beautiful Resonance, and that is the reason why his latest creation, Infinity Bit, came as quite a surprise. It most obviously is not an adventure. Not by far.

What Infinity Bit actually is, can only loosely be described as a psychedelic, freeware, retro-esque platformer with flying, puzzle and exploration bits in it, that has been oddly crafted in AGS. In a blasphemous mood I'd even liken it to Manic Miner, though truth be said Infinity Bit could use better controls for the flying segments. Anyway. You can grab this fantastic little game here and then be smart and preorder a copy of Resonance.

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  1. Ooh, just noticed this! Thanks for the coverage, my good gnome!

    Next time I make a psychedelic platformer-slash-arcade-flight game, I'll be sure to tighten up the space ship controls! ;)

  2. Always a pleasure dear Vince. It really is a unique and rather excellent little game...