Jul 9, 2010

Senscape unveils the Asylum

Asylum concept art

Finally, the time has come for the burden of a terrible secret to be lifted... Senscape, the new company where Agustin Cordes of Scratches fame is being all creative, has officially unveiled its forthcoming horror game and I can speak freely. I can even mention its name (hint: it's Asylum). As for you, dear and fearless readers, well, you should visit the brand new official site of Asylum, where you can happily get scared away or -at least- download the trailer, enjoy the concept art, meet most of the characters that inhabit the Asylum and find out more about the project. Possibly even understand what those weird videos I'd been posting were all about.

The Asylum itself will be a horror adventure set in a creepy and well-researched mental institution, and -judging from what I've seen and inquisitively found out- will sport the most impressive graphics engine ever developed for an adventure. It'll be the same engine that will allow players to fully explore the huge mental institute, while frightening them silly. The game will be out sometime in 2011, and you can meanwhile entertain yourselves by watching the trailer posted below and by either visiting the game's or Senscape's site (or both).

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  1. So when exactly this Asylum is going to be unveiled? I'm tired of waiting :(

    1. Well anonymous, from what I know I can tell you that development is going on, that the game is apparently turning out to be bigger than expected and that will soon have more news.