Jul 8, 2010

Gentlemen, upgrade your Planescape Torment

Having only played a bit of Planescape Torment ages ago and having finally grabbed the DVD re-release of the game, I've decided to properly play through the whole thing and let myself enjoy the delights of this apparently delightful game. Cunningly, I also decided to be all modern and contemporary about it and mod, patch and update the thing to perfection. Or as close to perfection as possible.

At the very least I did manage to improve the game's visuals from this:

Planescape Torment

... to this (click the images to see how impressive the differences are):

Planescape torment widescreen

But, first thing first. You'll have to start by downloading and installing the final official patch found here. Then download and install the Widescreen Mod you can find here, which will allow Planescape to run in any resolution you care to mention, even if said resolution is not widescreen. The next step is to eradicate the graphical glitches and interface problems that arise from said high-res graphics via this mod and you'll be ready to enjoy Planescape Torment in all its glory.

Further enhancements can come in the form of this brilliant fix-pack or the extra quests of the Unfinished Business mod and the Candlestick Quest mod. Oh, yes, and you can always try the latest Tweak Pack too.

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  1. Hrm. Question. Is this a graphic upgrade, or just a resolution fix? I see no difference between the top and bottom, other than the bottom featuring higher res/larger map.

  2. Actually, it is indeed mainly a resolution fix, but this makes the game playable on my current monitor. A few glitches and graphic problems have also been fixed, the animation is more fluid etc. But no, no proper graphics upgrade I'm afraid.

  3. Haven't I written something similar some time ago?...

    But yes, the more people know how to make Planescape:Torment run in all its prettiness, the better - because more and more folks will get to know its story.

  4. Indeed you had dear Barts, but I missed it. It was last August when I was still in that cursed army.

  5. Although I quite happily played it through at the original tiny resolution, being the infinity engine fanboy that I am, It sure would look prettier at this resolution.

    Enjoy the game, sir!

  6. Thank you oh Ben!

    Mind you, hadn't it looked absolutely atrocious stretched to widescreen, I wouldn't have modded the thing either.

  7. excellent.

    I managed to score a copy of the re-release on Ebay for cheap and I am going to mod the heck out of it before playing.

    Or maybe I will just upload the fixes. Who knows. I will have to see how it looks.

  8. It will look fine and play spectacularly.

  9. Excellent.

    I just got all the mods and I am going to upgrade my copy soon.