Jul 3, 2009

Army Break 2: The Indie Rox (and military blues)

I really don't feel like discussing the army or anything related to it. I'll just mention the general lack of sleep it seems to impose on people and the fact that I never thought I could lose that much weight that fast. Oh, and it's dreadfully stupid, paranoid, tiring and boring. Right. Now I'll move on to something more game related. A list of interesting things that seem to have happened while I was guarding obsolete stuff nobody would ever want to steal anyway:


  1. Welcome back! Again! :D

    It's fucked up that this whole army bullshit is finally getting to you, but hey, let's not talk about it, maybe it'll go away...

    Nice selection of links, got to check them all out.

    Oh, and by the way, have you checked Gaming on the Go recently? Someone left a post there... :D

    Cheers gnomey! ;)

  2. Wait, who are you again?


    Have a nice break, Gnome.

  3. #Insert suitably witty 'Buck up private' sort of comment#
    Good to see you hanging in there gnome. ;)

  4. I want to steal whatever you are guarding! You lost a lot of weight quickly? Where do I sign up?

    Sorry it's getting to you Gnome, but you've already done a big chunk and you are one step closer to finishing than you were last time you updated!

    Soon we'll be able to take over small principalities, as military trained geurillas. Obviously, you'll have to train me up, but I'm a willing learner... Viva la revolucion! Now give me a God damned gun!

  5. You DON'T want to talk about the army?
    I'll take you up on that!

  6. Damn it Gnome!

    If you don't guard that cache of R-12 Freeze Dried army rations from World War 2 then WHO WILL???

  7. @ Nebacha : Well, not really getting to me yet, just tiring me really. Still have quite a few laughs. And thanks for keeping GotG alive (ish)!

    @ Pacian: Thanks! Just had one. Hope it heals nicely :p

    @ JMcL63: Good to see you around the Lair my friend. Hope all is fine.

    @ Father: Uhm, better do not sign up mate. It's not like you stop losing weight you know. You simply go on beside the desired point :p Was thinking about the guerrilla usefulness of the thing myself... We are after all also tought how to blow things up...

    @ Ioannis: Very well then! Soon.

    @ Caleb: Fair enough. After all 'tis what we eat.

  8. DaggerFall is now free to download.


    Well it was for awhile on the HoTUD website but now it's offical and all.

  9. Hey Gnome, I'm bearing up; although I daresay I've got less bearing down on mean than your good self. Blogging goes well, as you might already know (have you checked out Bulletin from Belon, my new space marines blog at the Bolter and Chainsword forum?). I'm in the process of clearing the decks to get back to the painting table. So I guess I'm in fine fettle overall. :)

    Take care of yourself buddy, and see you on the other side. ;)

  10. Given the quality of your posts and links no surprise you find the army boring.

    Keep it up !

    This is brilliant! Give it a go if you're not already using free streaming! ;)

  12. @ Caleb: Fantastic news!

    @ JM: What a whirlwind of links... Excellent new blog too, and, uh, thanks!

    @ Masayume Cheers!

    @indavao: You spammy little spammer you..

  13. Gnome is the only blogger I know that has made a humorous reply to a spammer.

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    1500 Garden Gnomes find homes

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