Jun 8, 2009

Army Break 1: Monkeys, Housekeeping and Parades

Seems the first part of my basic training has come to an end, and, well, I must admit that, despite the silliness, pointlessness and downright ridiculousness of the whole thing, the army provided me with a ton of opportunities for a good laugh. Simply watching all those screaming people trying to make confusion more confusing can be bloody hilarious, you see. Anyway. My legs are still sore and the back isn't at its best, but at least I acquired all the combat abilities required for a decent surrender: saluting, parading, toilet cleaning, quick-shaving, bed making and cooking large quantities of horrid food. Oh well, at least I still got a few more days before I return to the bloody camp for another two weeks or so...

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special EditionOn the happy side of things and ignoring the disheartening results of yesterday's euro-elections, it seems I've returned to a gaming world where Monkey Island has returned from it's undeserved grave and is ready to bring classic quality adventures to the progressive masses. In an unexpected move Lucasarts (which apparently got itself a new president) is releasing the jaw-dropping The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition for Xbox 360 and Windows. It's a faithful remake of the original SCUMM game with high-res hand-painted graphics, an orchestral soundtrack, full voice over, a hint system, new interface and the chance to instantly switch from the Special Edition to the classic one. Oh, and it seems that a few nice little easter eggs and touches have also been added.

What's more, everyone's favourite heroes of the episodic variety, Telltale Games, have started accepting pre-orders for their spanking new Tales of Monkey Island series, that will span 5 hopefully glorious episodes. Impressively, the team behind the games series consists of Monkey Island veterans and even Ron Gilbert himself has offered his advice and ideas. As for the pre-order offer itself, it's more than generous. Have a look. I already did and happily spent my 34$, mind.

Early previews of both games can be found here, here and here.


  1. Welcome back! :D Even if it's just for some time...

    Glad to know you survived the first part of the training. Heck, you did more than survive, you managed to somehow see the bright side of the bloody thing!

    And this is a good time to be a monkey island fan, it seems! Although I got to admit, I'm not really diggind the art style of the remake. I would much prefer the cartoon style of MI3 than a high res version of the more realistic original MI.

    And I'm not really feeling the Tales thingy, either, but better to have that than nothing.

  2. Glad to hear you're keeping your spirits up he-who-once-was-bearded. Have you ever read Spike Milligan's war memoirs? The first in particular - Adolf Hitler, My Part in His Downfall - is all about army training. You might find some solace therein. All the best matey. ;)

  3. You just had to go to the army for all this to happen. Between you and me, I'm glad you did!!

  4. Jump! (Did you just say, "Sir! How high?! Sir!")

    I knew there was going to be some sort of re-release, but I didn't know about the Windows remake. I missed this series the first time round, so I'm very interested...

  5. oohh.. if only there was a way to persuade Lucasarts to release this on physical media... I'd be all over it. Still, I might just jump on a digital copy anyway!

  6. And um, glad you still have your fingers and most of your material dialectical mind still intact! :D

  7. @ Nebacha: Ah, yes, the bright side indeed. Not much of a choice there, you see. You either laugh with stuff or get really depressed. Not a good idea that. And I'm pretty sure that MI tales will be quite brilliant.

    @ JMcL63: Nope, haven't read anything by Mr Milligan, but he'll have to wait for me to finish my army books :P A Terry Pratchett one (Monstrous Regiment), On War (heh) and some Speccy stuff, but it'll be right up...

    @ Dualnames: You are? You...

    @ Pacian: I knew you'd be as interested as you, well, should. Oh, and can't really jump that much. Could move though.

    @ Chris: Same thoughts here. I'd really love a boxed physical version of MI:SE. And yes, all the dialectical bits still seem in there as is quite a bit of materialism.

  8. So, are they teaching you the cheat codes for combat, like idfa?

    I was quite excited with the Monkey Island news, even though I prefer the 2D style. I'm getting the Telltale game on the Wii mainly because it's become our favorite way to play adventure games.

  9. Fair enough that dear guttertalk, as admittedly I too vastly enjoyed Broken Sword Wii. As for them cheat codes, they seem to be top secret ones...

  10. Glad to hear you are learning the basics of latrine maintenance.

    Always good to know the different between your ass and a hole in the ground.

    I pre-ordered the Monkey Island Game as well! I found out that you can pre-order on one computer and then download on ANOTHER!

    This is great considering I don't really have an internet connection in my little hovel yet. I can just carry in my PC to work one day and install the game (same thing I did for Half Life 2).

    Glad to hear that everything is bearable so far. Have you learned how to properly use a bayonet yet?

  11. "Pacian
    Jump! (Did you just say, "Sir! How high?! Sir!")"

    Maggot when I tell you to jump you WILL NOT tell me "How High"!! You will tell me "When can I come back down Sir?"!!!


  12. Good to hear from you Gnome, and it's also good to hear that you're having a somewhat good time.

    Now then, where were we? Ah, yes...erm, I have something to tell you.

    *Pulls Gnome to one side and whispers in his ear*

    I've never played a Monkey Island game.

    *Looks around, hoping no-one else heard this shameful secret*

    Why have I allowed this to happen to me? I'm not sure. I did, however, play Full Throttle when I was younger - so all is not lost!

    I do prefer the original graphics though. The updated graphics just seem really plain to me.

  13. "I did, however, play Full Throttle"

    This statement saved you from the lynch mob Tommy.

  14. That's good to hear Caleb!

    I can now stop looking out the window for the raging mob with torches and pitchforks.

  15. Once again proving your good taste and wisdom eh Caleb? Oh, and no bayonets yet, but I'm sure we'll get a chance to gut each other very soon.

    Oh, and Tom dear, you really have to play -at least- the first two Monkey Island games. They are wit Grim Fandango the best stuff Lucasarts ever produced.

    Cheers guys, got to go again!


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  18. Gnome, good to see that you're doing alright! Hope everything goes well in the military from this point on!

    By the way Gnome, what do you think of adventure titles on the DS?

  19. Pre-ordered Tales of a Monkey Island the day it was announced. And judging by yesterday's new trailer: it looks to be money well spent.

    Both the special edition and new tales series look awesome. It'll be good to play some adventure games again, it's been too long.

    Good to see you still posting.

  20. Great to see your still alive and kicking dear heart!

  21. @ Hapi: thanks mate!

    @ Ross: Well you should definitely try Broken Sword DS. And -of course- thanks!

    @ Droniac: Thank you too dear Droniac and I too am sure that them new MOnkey Island games will be brilliant. If only there were no armies or states...

    @ FK: Thank Father. And cheers my friend!