Apr 6, 2009

Molstrums Vintage Apple Mansion

Legacy realms of TerrorI still have fond and occasionally terrifying memories of the first non-parser driven adventure I ever played: Uninvited. It was brilliant, innovative and horrific and was followed by Déjà Vu -which I somehow ignored-and then the excellent Shadowgate that once again attempted to scare me to death. But, sadly, I was 12 by the time I tried that last one and could already bare over 3 horror movies a day, thus failing to feel that dear uneasiness. Then I think I missed most of ICOM's other adventures and only came close to experiencing something similar when Microprose released the great but flawed The Legacy: Realms of Terror.

And then, well, glorious TIG Source came along and showed me the way to another haunted mansion. Molstrums Mansion. It's an ACE Team creation that feels, smells and plays like a proper early point-and-click adventure (it must be one then, right?), runs in your browser, sports a decidedly ICOM-esque interface, comes with glorious black and white graphics and successfully atmospheric sounds, takes place in a spooky mansion, has a solid plot with a few humorous bits in it and is a true joy to play through. Yes, despite being on the rather easy side of things and lacking a save feature.

Molstrums MansionOh, and Molstrums Mansion plays on what can only be described as a web-based simulation of a vintage b&w Mac, utilizing what can only be described as a faux copy protection scheme that subtly plugs the team's visually stunning (and forthcoming) commercial ZenoClash project.

PS. Yes, I know I should have also mentioned Elvira I & II, Waxworks and those excellent Radical Poesis Games like Fedora Spade and Missing, which is something I apparently just did. All fine then. Go play Molstrums Mansion.

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  1. I loved first "Deja Vu". Finished it on pc first, then of NES and then on Win 3.1. I think a friend of mine had it on gameboy. :) Uninvited was also quite cool. I really like the ICOM interface, which was really cool in DOS days and somehow wasn't as impressive when Windows took over. The perfect version for me = interface from the DOS version + graphics from Win16 + music from NES. I guess, you can't have everything...

  2. Well, we could have everything if some talented soul came up with such a retro remake, but that's only wishful thinking... Anyway. I think I'll hunt down Deja Vu, as I quite trust your taste dear Anatoly. Oh, and do try them freeware adventures. They are very ICOM. Cheers!

  3. That's a deliciously retro treasure you've furnished us with there Gnome!
    Lovely noises too...

  4. And you should like the subtle hints of Resi atmosphere too dear Father.

  5. Lovely retro colour clashes too!

  6. Hey Gnome, just thought I'd bring this to your attention, it may interest you:


  7. That was just fantastic Cap' Handsome! An excellent book and great trip back. Thanks!

  8. Sorry if I comment here, just trying to find an appropriate section of the site for this. Dave Marsh of Deja Vu and Shadowgate fame is kickstarting a series of 9 FMV Sherlock Homes adventures at, well, Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1920171553/sherlock-holmes-consulting-detective-adventure-mys (am I allowed to post links?). Thought you would find it interesting if you don't already know about it. It's also not going very well, hope they'll make it.

    1. You of all people are most definitely allowed to post links dear boukensha. I one the other hand should try and write something on this incredibly intriguing Kickstarter within the week. Right after I back it :)

      Oh, and thanks a ton. It's always lovely meeting people with a great sense of taste.