Apr 1, 2009

Legends of Zork LIVE!

Legends of ZorkThis blog will remain April Fool's Day joke free forever. Or, well, for as long as it stays around, meaning you simply won't have to doubt the good news I bring you, consequently meaning that you should be clicking your collective way to the virtual world of Legends of Zork. It just opened its gates, you see, and after trying it for over 20 minutes I must say I'm happily surprised with the quality of the thing. One might even call it brilliant.


  1. I recall posting this was in production, so I can't really be fooled 100%, can I?

  2. No you can't my friend :) And it's quite fun too.

  3. So it's a quality release and that's not just an April Fool's joke, correct? Then it's time to give it a try!

  4. Hmm...

    Another way to whittle away the work hours?

    Thank you Gnome!

  5. Started playing this when the beta launch e-mail went out, and do those folks ever know their Zorkology! :)

    It is very, very, true to the zork legacy -- truly a gem for hardcore zork players.

  6. @Ross: Absolutely. And I'm pretty sure it's non adventurer friendly enough to be enjoyed by anyone.

    @Caleb: You're most welcome my learned friend. Anything to crush worldwide productivity.

    @Pacian: Well, quite, but not exactly. Not that you can type anything mind.

    @Chris: Relieved to see you like the thing, as most of the Internet apparently loathes it, and was making me question my enjoyment.

  7. I'll be giving this a whirl later in the evening, cheers Gnome!

  8. Thank you for your kind comments on Legends of Zork. I tried to make sure the game stayed faithful to all incarnations of the Zork universe.

    If approached as a way to spend a few minutes each day, LoZ is quite satisfying. The brief was quite specific on the type of game required, and I think it fulfilled that goal. Now that it has a community, Jolt will probably develop the game further.

    Thanks again.

    Dave Barton
    LoZ Game Designer

  9. Thanks a ton for dropping in Dave. And can't actually wait to see LoZ further enriched.

    BTW, care for a LoZ centered interview?