Jun 13, 2008

The porny side of gaming

Having already brought you some of the sickest pictures of gaming, and in what could only be described as a stylistic U-turn, I've now gone and touched on the subject of video game porn. This time though I've stupidly focused on using words. Oh well, nobody's perfect I suppose and you can still pay the old Cabaret a visit and read the aptly titled Oh video game pornography, where art thou?


  1. Naked women!!!! Now, this is my kind of content. Oh, dear. I need a cold shower.

  2. I guarantee you that I will need more than just ice cubes.

  3. I received this article this morning and I loved it! I'm not anti pr0n myself... I just can't get that excited about the medium of pr0n passing into games...

    If I want pr0n I'd rather just throw a DVD into my PS2 and enjoy it in it's own context.

    When I say 'enjoy it' I mean stare at it in revulsion and then steam down to my local Catholic church and confess to my outrageous carnal desires whilst flagalating myself in a hair shirt...

  4. Ah, yes, flagellation. Always works with the S/M crowds it seems... Hehe...

  5. Hi Gnome
    I make the Sydney adventure games and comics. I read somewhere that you like my art. Thank you very much!

    I might need some help on the next game, if you're interesting in testing or helping with story/puzzles.

    Oh, and on the topic of porn in games, I distinctively remember scantily clad ladies in Duke Nukem 3D...but it is hard to say what exactly constitutes as pornography.

  6. Yes, that's true, I quite love your stuff ivan and thus i'd love to help anyway I can... Do mail me with the details (there's a "contact" thingy on the sidebar). Cheers!

  7. Strangely, interactive fiction has it's own active (and isolated) community making pornographic games. See here, for example (NSFW, obviously).

    Presented for purely academic consideration, naturally.

  8. My academic antennas are all pulsing with excitement! A most interesting link I have to thoroughly explore dear Pacian. Some stuff could even be classified as disturbing! Hurrah!

  9. I only just read your response, gnome! Sorry.

    Under 'contacts' in your profile it only lists your website.

    My email is:

    If you wouldn't mind shooting me an email, I'll write you one right back with details!

  10. ha ha lol i also love them , But what it has to do with kids. oopsnow adults also play games .