Apr 5, 2008

The Orb of Dilaaria

It's nice to see that Wolfenstein 3D, the granddaddy of the modern FPS and the game that singlehandedly created the modding scene (as I enjoy mentioning), still has what it takes to attract some of the best modders around. Take The Orb of Dilaaria for example. It's an utterly impressive mod based on a vastly updated and heavily tweaked Wolf3D/Spear of Destiny engine, that spans 6 acts and over 60 maps, sports 20 different character types, offers an amazingly non-linear storyline and even takes place in a proper dark-fantasy setting.

On the techier side of things The Orb features parallax scrolling skies (!), ceilings, multi-textured and at times animated floors, rain effects, shading, fog and -yes- teleporters. What's more, as this is a stand-alone total conversion of Wolfenstein, you won't need the original game(s) to run it either. DOSbox or VDMsound might come in handy though.

To find out more on The Orb of Dilaaria and of course download your free copy, do try clicking yourselves over here and/or here.

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  1. Hey gnome,

    yafaze went under the knife and now looks more professional.


    BTW it's wolfenstein not doom, very close though

  2. Unbelievable! Who would've thought that 16 years later people would still be making Wolfenstein 3D mods...

  3. ... man, I can remember being out of ammo and trying to flee from one of the blue machine gun guys.. Scared the piss outta' me back then.
    Just when I thought I lost him, I started hearing those doors open and closing in the distance..
    Spear of Destiny had me so excited when it came out. Going underground to fight the demons in the all red atmosphere had me really thinking I was in hell.

    Wolf 3d is one of the best games I have ever played and will never forget!

    Soooo anyway I will be rebuilding my place again.. Soooo if nothing is there, that be why.

    Cya' soon!!

  4. And so do I dear Funnyman, even though Doom 3 was quite a disappointment.

    Excellent news kongsnutz!

    Unbelievable indeed Nebacha my friend, though admittedly that's what classics are all about.

    Ahh, Deitrix, yes, you're right. Wolf3d was quite scary. For me what did it was this underground Mengele-created zombie fighting sections. Off to check your place...

  5. I still remember play Wolfenstein 3D as a kid, along with the original Duke Nukem. Good times... I didn't care for what I played of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, though.

  6. Gotta agree with you there ross.

  7. "Heh, heh, he said Diarrhea".
    Seriously, there's more where this came from. Trench Warfare has neat features like barbed wire, while The Untold Story is disgustingly weird.

  8. teheeheeeeee...

    Great Wolf3D archive too! Should get around to testing a few of those beauties. Thanks chentzilla!

  9. Thanks for the mention, gnome. There's also an active Wolf3D modding community at http://diehardwolfers.areyep.com/.

    Maybe one day I'll get around to porting Orb to one of the emerging Windows Wolf3D ports so that VDMS isn't necessary.

  10. Thanks for a great mod and thanks for the link too dear Adam. Hope you manage to find the time to port The Orb to windows mate.

  11. Doom 3 focused on one thing only... at least shortly after the wonderful Half-Life 2 came out.

    Have you had any contact with Elderly at all....? I'm surprised he hasn't made some quick-stops.

  12. Nope, no contact at all I'm afraid dear Deitrix. Perhaps you could try mailing too... It's getting rather sad without the old guy... Hope he's fine...

  13. I will give it a try, but it sounds like you have had no luck...

    He's probably just busy with life. Too busy.

  14. Is this for real? I should scurry off and get it immediately, I suppose. But these old 3D-mazes are nauseating to me these days. I'm such a pussy. Still, I will give it a try.

  15. Guess so too Deitrix. Still, do let us know if you find out how how Elderly 's doing...

    Be brave David, be brave and I'll give you a cookie :) Oh, and yes, it's for real.

  16. Sorry I haven't been by recently Gnome... Busy gaming you know...

    FPS crazy these days... never played Doom though...

  17. Busy gaming... how I envy you dear Father...

  18. Never played Doom... :/
    Well as long as you have played Wolf 3d we will let it slide..

    You have played Wolfenstein.. right..?

  19. Well, if he hasn'e I think we should torture him, right?