Dec 21, 2007

Armageddon helps Dark Future break free

Dark Future Games WorkshopGames Workshop has never been particularly generous with its loyal friends, but this seems to be a thing of the past, as apparently the Chaos Gods (Slaanesh would be my guess) have gone berserk with freebies. We already got the complete Mighty Empires, a decent PDF Gift Guide just got released and now I've discovered that a brilliant classic Warhammer 40,000 spin-off and a brutal sci-fi RPG-ish board game games have just gone freeware.

The Battle for Armageddon (download) is an aptly named wargame that pits the Imperium versus the Orcs in a fight to control the Armageddon Hive. The rules are simple, elegant really, and make for a fast yet tactically varied/deep game. Oh, and everything you need to play from counters to board pieces has been included.

Dark Future (scroll down and download) is not unlike a certain Mad Max inspired Steve Jackson game, meaning it does have to do with driving heavily armors cars around a desolate definitely post-apocalyptic place. The ultra detailed rules with their highly enjoyable fluff bits span an impressive 220 pages.

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  1. All of those games look swell, especially Dark Future.

  2. (old man tip toes into blog, staggers near the Gnomish Christmas tree and leaves a bottle shaped pressi underneath..... leaves..... re-enters takes a bite out of Gnomish Christmas Cake, licks lips, trips over rug, falls out window... recovers quickly.... runs off.....)

  3. Was it really him? Yay!!! :)
    Merry Christmas Gnome! May 2008 bring all the blessings the good Segata can bestow!

  4. I wouldn't ignore Armageddon either dear ross.

    Elderly! Elderlyyy!!!!

    (stares in shock and disbelief)

    You're fine! Praise all four of the chaos gods! Here have the whole cake. Yes, please do!

    Indeed it was dear Father and may Segata make sure 2008 will be great for everyone. 2009 will be 100% shity...

    Happy New Year dear friends!