Dec 13, 2007

And a very happy Saturn Junkyard Birthday!

SEGA Saturn 128-bitIn case you haven't notice those (us, really) SEGA Saturn retroboys are having a party over at their Junkyard under the wise guidance of the venerable Father Krishna. Have a look!


  1. Ah! I knew you'd do it Gnome! A very massive thank you for all your help, love , support and inspiration. We're cosmically linked dude! We're brothers! Now if only dear Elderly would show up!
    Life would be complete!!!

  2. :)

    (thinks about Elderly's whereabouts)

    Think we should mail our friend again Father?

  3. Thanks Ross! I'll spend sometime over at your place at the weekend!

    Unfortunately I have emailed him a couple of times, to no avail...

  4. Damn.. hope everything's fine...

  5. Yep me too!
    What concerns me is his former "prolificness" (Damn! I'm making up words right now!)

    The guy would have the most prolific time and energy to post on his own blog, and yet still be the first to comment on any posts on ours!

    I sometimes thought he used Magick!
    I'm convinced he did!

    Did you catch this post over at his place?

    "Im sorry about this you beautiful peoples, newly acquired family commitments, horrendous working hours and 2 and half million things to do before bedtime have reduced me to merely commenting on my own blog.

    I will return, just when though is at present proving illusive. I never thought this would happen, but life has a funny way of draining the sap out of you.

    group hug!!!!!! :)"

    And that was it! I thought it was rather splendid of him to inform us of his well being... But even if he wasn't up to posting, I thought he might be up to the odd comment in our neighbourhoods...

    That's not a criticism, that's merely an observation.

    I really love and miss Elderly... Such an omnipotent entity in our blogosphere...

    And also, like your good self, someone I consider a dear friend!

    *FK sheds a tear...*

  6. Can't think of anything to add dear Father, and yes I did catch E's comment... Still, it would be great knowing everything is fine regardless of blogging...

  7. Didn't know it was a year already, thanks for the heads-up!

    Off to the party it is

  8. Off indeed. Here, have the Saturn hat dear Porroe!

  9. Hurrah for the Saturn!

    On a side note.

    Gnome take a look at the animated Christmas LARP video I justed posted on my blog.

    I think you would appreciate it.

    I bestow upon you this frankincense... of ETERNAL FLAME!

  10. Xmas LARP? A most exciting prospect dear Caleb. Here I come!