Oct 19, 2007

Prototype 2 free shmup

Prototype 2 shmupFirst glimpsed over at Independent Gaming and then micro-reviewed by TIG Source's Derek Yu, Prototype 2 is a freeware shoot-'em-up you absolutely have to play. It's got fantastic graphics, sports some classic side-scrolling action and offers enough options & power-ups to remind me of the glorious Amiga days. Download it here and don't expect a walk in the park. Prototype 2 is a tough little bastard (well, either that or I'm far too old for such games and alcohol has finally started taking its toll).

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  1. let me get this straight

    a most fantaboulous shmup! for free!!

    your kiddin me...

  2. Have you noticed that Prototype is an anagram of "Pot o' R-type"?

    I don't think it's a coincidence.

  3. No, Elderly, good ol' Gnome is not kidding... I don't know how he always finds 'em but the free games he posts sure are great...

    Maybe he has connections somewhere in his layer...


  4. This looks well decent. I'll be downloading this for sure. I'm sure it'll satisfy my 'shmup' needs until Metroid Prime 3 releases.

    Thanks for the find Gnome!

  5. Yes dear Elderly, I am kidding you. Sorry. Won't happen again... 'ere have a pr0n.

    Pacian, you're kiddin me. (and talk about such things aloud... shh...)

    Ross, ross, ross... Why don't you step over here where we can discuss privately. By the way, have you seen Hostel?

    You're most welcome J. Waiting for MP3 myself too...

  6. OMFG! Without doubt the best present you have bestowed on us lowly mortals Gnome... Thank you a gazillion times!!!!!

    I feckin' love this!!!

  7. Me too Father and wait for the next shmup I'm preparing to unleash upon you...