Aug 6, 2007

Irresistible Force: Summer's Warhammer PDF

Returning to the city is always dreadful. Returning to the city from nine glorious days on an amazing island is just intolerable. Shocking. Horrible. Too bloody much. Yes, even when you know that the humane forces of idleness are still scheming against work, that all hope is not yet lost, heck, even when you check your mail to find out that the only purely fantasy Warhammer (WHFB, that is) PDF gaming mag is still alive.

You see, oh web-savvy miniature pushing gamers, Irresistible Force issue 11 has just been released, proving that them six months since issue 10 weren't as deadly as originally believed to be. To download all 42 colourful pages of IF#11 visit the IF website, register and ..uh.. download it. It's free and features some excellent articles like Ogre Story, a (successful) tournament player's guide and the cunning like the cunning thing Cannon Tactics bit.

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