Jul 27, 2007

Re: video gaming / blogging summer break

That's it. I'm off to Milos for ten or so days, which means I'll be miles away from anything and everything even slightly reminiscent of video games, the Internet or -and that's the nastiest bit- urban planning. You, dearest readers, friends and fellow bloggers, try to enjoy yourselves, spam the place, check Retro Treasures or Gaming on the Go, frolic, mail me dirty thoughts and generally have fun.

And if you absolutely need something to pass your online time, well, the links on this very blog's sidebar are all hand-picked and frankly brilliant, whereas there's also the following list of recent Gnome's Lair articles/posts you might have missed:


  1. Heh. Well, I too am about to leave for a summer break for a week, but my beach vacation doesn't look as good as those Milos pics. wow.

    Having fun without games . . . what a concept. :)

  2. What we all do without our Gnome fix for the day? :-(

    I'll try to fill the gap with my own posts but it's never the same without a Gnome around.

    Oh well, have a great holiday and I look forward to new posts when you get back :-)

  3. Looks amazing. Do enjoy. :)

  4. You'll be missed, Gnomie. Have fun and I'll talk to you when I'm back from my honeymoon at the end of August.

  5. sniff!.... (clicks links....) ten days..... (looks at Gnomes Photo...)

    sigh!.....(checks watch....)

    sniff!.... (considers hijacking Gnomes boat...waters Gnomes plants...checks watch...)


  6. Milos Gnome! You lucky, lucky man, erm... Gnome! :)

  7. The beach?

    Yeah right...

    I bet all he does is stand still in front of some lawn for a week.

  8. shame to leave all this Tequila lying around.....

    (gets glass, turns on Gnomes Wii...)

  9. Yeah. Lets drink all the virtual liquor gnome left around here and play all his video games.

    I am sure that he won't mind and even if he does the vaction will be so relaxing he won't do anything.

    *picks up Wii remote*

    *Wii remote slips from hand and smashes a antique vase decorated with a fresco of gnomes*

    ...uhm...and if he asks, that was like that when we got here.

  10. ...yep! i saw it there lying in pieces when we got here.. gravity you can't trust it for a second.... hic!

    (picks up a bit with writing on it...)

    ...ming dynasty... no worries Caleb, cheap Chinese import by the looks of it..

    wow!... hey your pretty skilled with that remote... now wher'd he hide his special import tequila?

    (opens cupboard.... door falls off...) oh oh.. no worries we'll have it fixed 4 he gets back... you want ice?

  11. Where's the cider? This is gonna be some party? When's Gnome coming back?

  12. Hmm...Ok.

    *stumbles to the center of the room*

    *takes a shot of tequila*

    -First off nobody can use the bathroom anymore... Don't worry I am pretty sure the fire is out and there isn't too much smoke damage...

    If you have to go...hmm...just use the balcony or one of the potted plants...Gnome won't mind I sure...

    ...and remember that the vase, Sega Master System, collection of rare RPG books, paintings, couch, chair, table, bookcase, ceiling, rare pipe collection, floor, western facing wall and all that other stuff was already broken/burnt BEFORE we got here...

    ...In any case I am sure he won't mind...

    *Takes a shot*

    ...I mean he is on a relaxing vaction, right...he will be in a great mood...

    Now lets check out the rest of his retro video game collection! WHhoot!!

  13. FK he said ten days, I miss the little fecker... but damn he knows how to throw a house minding party.... hic! (pours FK a pint of Tequla....)

    Caleb, yeah that fire was worrisome, and the toilet? no problem... I found the fully grown rubber plant in the corner is taking donations...the hydrageas on the balcony are.. ermm full! hic!

    and all that stuff what was broke/burnt and stepped on?
    no problem, from what i can remember it was all like that when we got here...... but we should really try tidying up, least things won't look so bad when he gets home

    (empties ashtray....)

    right that's better, found the special reserve tequila, bring on the retro...

  14. (looking around at the carnage....) you know Gnome is going to be really pissed with us....

    (starts cleanup.... phones ebay for replacment games and plants.. phones local builder for replacement wall and roof....)

  15. hmm...If we used paper mache to replace this wall do you think he would notice?

  16. Oh my what a sad mess of drunken human video gaming debris....

    Here, some orange juice for everyone. Feeling better? Oh, never mind the vase Elderly. Here's your cider Father. Love the new wall Caleb.

    Tom, ithmeer, red bull, gutter talk thank you all very very much and -really- you must visit the island. Stunning, beautiful, great people.

    Oh, and Elderly. Why don't you and caleb play some more Wii while I go bring a shovel, some rope and my retro gun?

    (smiles all around)

    Cheers everyone!

  17. As long as you are not the gnome that crushes my Doritos everything will turn out ok.


  18. No no, that's a cousin. A victim f specialization indeed. Now, if you would be nice enugh and start digging a hole right ..uh... here?

  19. He's back.... it was all Caleb's fault he made me ...erm get drunk .....

    hey it's good to see you back and Im so delighted we managed to fix up stuff b4 you came back.. continue playing wee...? why that's very generous...

    (sits down to play Gnome's wii...)

    what's the rope and the gun for?



    (elderly runs out frontdoor...)

  20. oh oooooooo!

    right i can explain....
    (several minutes later...) and if it wasn't for FK and Caleb none of this would have happened.... honest...

    (checks Gnomes reaction.....runs towards open window.. jumps......)

  21. (lands in carefully placed insta-snake-pit)

    Ok down there?