Jul 3, 2007

The Sierra Mystery House Occupation

It was only a few days ago when Greece's democratic tradition finally went on and shot itself in the foot for the last time before shamefully (limping too, obviously) departing for the land of the faeries. You see, occupying any public building is now considered an act of terror, whereas this is definitely not. Anyway, this ain't a political blog, let's lighten it up. The summer is definitely here after all and there are thousands of acres of burning forest to show for it and rejoice.

Adding to the post-solstice festivities and overall happiness, the obviously terrorist organization known only as the MHTO Occupation Force, has gone and acted all subversive by reverse-engineering Mystery House, ruthlessly occupying it and providing the unruly masses with a way to tamper, upgrade, parody, enhance, change, edit and freely distribute modded versions of this very classic game. Bah! Bloody communists. See their disgrace over at their ungodly lair.

Now, in case you, yes you terrorist scum, have no idea what Mystery House is all about, then you'd better know it was the first ever text-adventure (interactive fiction) to feature graphics. And it was released by Sierra back in 1980 when the company's name was Sierra On-Line. Oh, and it was developed by Roberta Williams herself in all its haunted house black and white glory. Enjoy.

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  1. RIGHT! Gnome! I'm all fired up for a genuine left-wing anarcho-syndicalist revolution! I'm ready to seize the means of gaming production, overthrow the capitalist multi-national corporations and re-distribute cyber space to the masses...

    White Riot! Guns Of Brixton! Let's bring it on!!!!

  2. (brings every available Clash cd)

    And then, comrade FK, we could arrange for some quality entertainment and -of course- agrarian reforms.


  3. I don't know what i've just watched, but im assuming the guy in the black t-shirt represents the upstanding Greek police community...

    ..to be honest i couldn't watch it all, it sickened me to the very core... now im sad and angry..

  4. Well, you've watched the first (and probably timid) police torture/brutality video that upset the Greek police/state. Caused quite an upheaval mind you and was followed by some really shocking ones...

    Oh, and Indymedia unearthed the thing. Was a protest too...

  5. im presuming the police in question have gotten off scot free, least they do when it happens here....

  6. Ah, but we're not that oversensitive here. Them fascisct private channels keep telling everyone what a great cop and good kid he is. Then again, a n even worse pig -the murdering kind- got of with something like a fine for shooting and killing and 19 year old kid for not bloody stopping when told too...