Mar 28, 2007

@roguelike the magazine

It's been out for over a week, features menacing @s and Game Set Watch has already blogged it, so you probably already know all about it. Just to make sure though, here's a sweet link to the premier issue of roguelike: the magazine, an excellent online mag dealing with all things rogue and dungeon crawling. Features tons of ASCII violence too.
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  1. Awesome post Gnome!

    When I first learned BASIC and PASCAL during my early years in High School I actually programmed a text adventure game that I envisioned as a single player MUD.

    It was pretty cool. My first attempt never got past finding a piece of bread to give to a beggar but the next had actual random combat encounters with rats and wolves and generic monsters. Here is some actual lines from that game:

    A Rat Attacks you! What do you do?

    Choice: (A)ttack, (B)ackstab (R)un


    Your attack *Hits* the rat.
    The rats attack *misses* you.

    After that I programed some Rouge-like games using ZZT.

    However I think the next game I do will have to be another Text adventure. I have always liked the MUD style Text combat better than the limited graphic kind.

  2. Wow, Caleb, didn't know you were a man of such excellent taste and cunningly hidden game design abilities.

    Do you think you might have salvaged anything from these games of your youth? A listing perhaps? An old Amiga BASIC executable? It would be fantastic to check these games out...

    As for the text-adventure, I say go ahead and do it. And if you'd like some help in beta-testing or any silly ideas, please, do drop me an email...

    (gnome backstabs rat and runs)

  3. I will see what I have.

    I know the one game where you have to steal the piece of bread to give to the beggar so he will tell you the password might be dead because of a dead floppy disk.

    I dunno about the rest.

    I don't know if I can even find my custom Starcraft levels...

    I will look and see tonight I guess.

    I don't even remember how to run the pascal programs. I never did make them into executable files...

  4. And by the way Backstabbing the rat would have been a really bad idea.

    I programmed it so the rat would have been resistant to that attack. You would have taken 5-d damage and only caused 1-ratd damage.

    If you would have done a normal attack it would have caused a whopping 3+str-ratd damage where ratd was a random 0-2. Plus you would have only taken 2-d damage.

    But the Backstab also had a random damage counter on ALL attacks so you might have caused up to 12 damage with it even against the rat. But that was a randomized effect with only a 1/30 chance of working.

    Of course I had only one character and class in that game. A gnome type character might have had a better damage ratio against a rat using the Backstab.

    I like your moves gnome but if you ever play one of my games you gotta think before you backstab...

  5. Do look for them! Please! Oh, and I think that any Pascal compiler should do a fine job with anything programmed the last ten years... And just stop with the teasers... They are too teasing you know.

    (stabbs rat's back and throws a couple of d4 shaped shuriken in typical gnomish fashion)

    BTW, Starcraft levels? Niiice!

  6. ...theres always the risk of catching rat bit fever.... no i say we stick some c4 on that nasty fecker... and run

  7. (bows to Sir Elderly's wisdom)

    (runs away)

  8. Can't wait for the second issue with reviews of alienRL and Urban Warfare. Time to start downloading :)

    Thanks for the link!

  9. Most welcome dear Munkey.

  10. Gnome.. .the c4...

    we plant the c4 and THEN we run...


  11. Oh, yes, right, but since I've already ran, could you pleease plant the c4?

    Ah, what a pal, thanks.

  12. (confused the elderly sets the C4 but forgets to run.......)

    oh oh