Mar 28, 2007

RGCD a.k.a. retro gaming pr0n on disc

I've always been quite of fond of diskmags, you know, and I've followed them from the dark but happy BBS ages all the way to modern offerings like the demoscene oriented Hugi and PAiN. But a retro gaming diskmag? That would surely be too much to ask for, even during those weird corporate aeons we live in when Mario's co-star is Sonic.

Enter RGCD (linkety link), the best online diskmag a retro gaming gnome could ever ask for and a brilliant Independent Gaming find. Its first issue, a 160MB monster in .iso image format no less, can be downloaded here and features tons of exquisite content covering everything from retro remakes, to game reviews, to emulators, to interviews, to excellent freeware games. A stripped down 10MB version (sans games) can be downloaded here. Oh, and the Daemon Tools will definitely come in handy too.

Featured Game
  • Typhoon 2001 (PC)
Retro Reviews
  • Counter Clockwise (PC)
  • Darkside Adventures (PC)
  • DragonWing (VIC-20)
  • Greenrunner (C64)
  • Grid Assault (PC)
  • Head-On (Atari XE/XL)
  • Logic3 Gamespower 50 (DTV)
  • Lunar Blitz (VIC-20)
  • Nova (PC)
  • Nuclear Waste Dump (Atari STE)
  • Pocket UFO (Pocket PC)
  • Poker Square (Atari STE)
  • Qwak (GBA)
  • Scorpions 2.0 (Atari XE/XL)
  • Thrust Xtreme (PC)
  • Znax (Atari STE)
  • Zoo Mania (C64)
  • Cortex Command Preview (PC)
  • Crownland Preview (Atari XE/XL)
  • D-Bug Atari Falcon/Mega ST(E) Fixes
  • G-Force Preview (PC)
  • Micro Machines Preview (Atari STE)
  • Saucelifter Preview (PC)
  • Sub Hunter Preview (C64)
  • Tongueman's Logic Demo (PC Engine)
  • AtariWin800 Plus 4.0 (PC)
  • Magic Engine (PC)
  • Steem (PC)
  • Visual Boy Advance 1.72 (PC)
  • Win Vice 1.20 (PC)
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    1. okay bear with me, i know I have to mount the iso.... but before i run daemon... please tell me im doing the right thing... .remember the mission impossible disK?

    2. No worries Mr. Elderly. The MI5 checked the whole thing and this being retro stuff, no self destruct mechanism was needed. Mount to your hearts content... (hmm, that sounded kinda weird)

    3. Thanks for the link and the most excellent write-up Mr Gnome.

      I have to admit that the first issue has been a far greater success than I ever imagined!

      Thanks again!


    4. Actually, thank you for the mag James. T'is a fantastic diskmag.

      Good luck with it, mate.

    5. If Gnome endorses it then it must be good...

    6. Why, thanks for trusting me ross. Now, let me propose an investement...

    7. ...okay here i go.. wish me lu.....

    8. ...only kiddin.. thank you Gnome for such a wonderful present....

      (hugs Gnome.....)

    9. right well, that's enough of that then....

      ill make some tea.....

    10. And I'll switch to Eurosport...

    11. aye Eurosport, im not going to shave or wash for a few days..... (deepens voice....)

      do you want custard creams with that?

    12. Yes, sure! And those little candy thingies that are sooo fashionable in Berlin would be fine...

    13. ...fairy dust? Gnome you know i can't supply fairy dust anymore, not since the fairy strike of 98.....

      hundreds and thousands laced with happiness, will have to do instead.....

    14. Right. Of course. Aha. Faery powder?