Mar 6, 2007

Beyond the Spirit's Eye

Even though I never played William R. Fisher's original Last Half of Darkness horror adventure, something tells me (coldly whispers) I'll be one of the first gnomes to get my short hairy hands on the forthcoming Last Half of Darkness: Beyond the Spirit's Eye. I mean, the early demo that's just been made available -despite being appropriately ...uhm... early and rough around the edges- is so enthralling and atmospheric, I'm sold. Yes, sold for a node-based, slightly Myst-styled, point and click adventure. And I really hate Myst. Uru too.

Anyway, till BtSE gets a proper release date, you could do worse than having a look at the game's official site and giving the demo a try. I'm pretty sure the spooky atmosphere and the interesting ambient sounds will appeal to most. Except people hating spooky atmospheres and interesting ambient sounds, that is...

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  1. .the screenshots have got athmosphere draped all over em.... stunning...
    realising that Gnome had just said that.... elderly recovers...)

    I agree with the Gnome

  2. Ah, lovely. Apparently so do I esteemed colleague.

  3. ..I know how they do that.. the mist and fog.. .see they have these mist and fog people with mist and fog bottles, theres a bit of prepa....

    several hours later...

    ... and thats how they put the mist and fog in pictures.....

  4. Amazing, but how do they put mist and fog in the bottles... Must be another intricate process right?

  5. ...ahhh..... i don't know they haven't posted it on wikipedia yet.. ...but as soon as i know you'll know.....


    they must have a mist and fogger bottle injector person.....

  6. That goes without saying. Probably a machine0thingy too, but I'm interested in the details.