Mar 7, 2007

Steve Purcell getting asked S&M questions

Joystiq, apparently feeling all happy, drunk and adventurous, went on and asked happily drunk Sam and Max creator Steve Purcell some questions. He apparently answered them. A slightly drunk camera wielding villain caught everything on tape, which was rather nice of him. Now, watch the whole thing and then go on and enjoy the Dave Grossman (Sam and Max designer & Telltale mega hero) interrogation.

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  1. ..thats him? wow.... they dropped the TV series because they hired someone else... bloody typical...

  2. Tsk, tsk...

    Still, the series wasn't that good, after all. Less quirky than your average -or garden- Sam and Max comic strip. More kids-oriented.

  3. .. why ... there was a futurama type maket... why target kids? strange..

  4. ..police probably put him up to it....

  5. Hmmm.... surely. Let's attack 'em!