Feb 24, 2007

"Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice"

Having finally escaped from the accursed Pleasure Prison of the Bethuvian Demon Whore, I am lucky to linger for a while in the Lair's blissful shadows. At master Gnome's discretion, you may suffer my occasional comments, murmurs and arcane mutterings. I promise it will not be on bidets.

For a start, a little classic. Rumor has it there is an episode 2 in the works.

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  1. Lemme give this a video a shot... if it's Gnome-approved then it has to be worth watching...

  2. It definitely is worth watching especially for the twisted scumm that inhabit this Lair...

    Great bost oh voice! Have fun abroad and welcome more...

  3. .....so theres a vacancy over on the Pleasure Prison of the Bethuvian Demon Whore.... and no bidet posts.....hmmm!

    okay.... i'll stay here having empathised completely with the pair in the video...

    (maybe you could fill me in on the pleasure prison.....)

  4. "We were a vampire clan in high school."




    Pure awesomeness.

  5. Uhm, Elderly, he's actually refering to the Plaeasure Prison he had scratch-built in the basement... I think...

    Caleb... :)

  6. ...basement huh..... (yawns.. looks at watch....) why is that the time... i should be heading off...

    (heads towards the basement....)

    i'll see myself down...erm out!

  7. Right. I'll have tea sent down .. or ... uhm.. out... Perhaps some tequila too...

  8. Stunningly brilliant!!!!

    As is knowing Caleb was in a vampire clan at High School!!

    Whilst it's time for confessions, me and a couple of friends used to dress up as Native Americans for the church disco!

  9. (gnome buys iPod, loads some heavy metal mp3s, and fails to listen to any of the shocking things dear Father has to mention)

  10. (elsewhere elderly is gets hopelessly lost in the cavernous halls of the pleasure prison...)

    Hello.... hello... hel

    is anybody there? there ther......

  11. Hello... Your tea is here? Anything else you'd like?

  12. ...wow!... wayyyyyyyytreessss

    ...well some custard creams would be nice........

  13. With tits or sans?