Feb 7, 2007

Bring on the Inquisition

Alas! Society is deteriorating, perverts are perversely roaming the Internet's tubes, dogs are dogging the streets and only the noble Inquisitors can truly purge the evil and the unclean (thankfully, I just had a shower). Need more proof? Don't believe the wrath of the Inquisition should be unleashed just yet? Well, click here and play Gnome Punt. Yes, Gnome Punt. Pah! Tsk, tsk...

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  1. Gnome Punt reminds me of a similar game my son played off of the Cartoon Network site. Check out "Flight of the Hamsters" based off the cartoon "The Kids Next Door". URL is http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/games/knd/hamsters/index.html

  2. Hehe, brilliant, brilliant. Thanks a ton jeff!

  3. Gnome finds the most interesting stuff on the net. I must know his secret!

  4. Well, they do invlolve virgin sacrifice and mass lamb slaughter, but other than that, it's pretty easy...

    Nice to see you around again Gamer C.

  5. Gnome Punt!?
    For shame...
    Have they no respect at all?!
    Don't gnomes go trough enough social discrimination as it is?
    What is this world coming to?

  6. My thoughts exactly dear Nikola, my thoughts exactly...

    tsk, tsk...

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  8. Thanks for the info Kelvin, I'll let you know... Cheers!

  9. ....virgin? where?


    gnome Punt.... distasteful!

    (follows Kelvin Watson out of the comment box.......)

  10. There, there, right behind Kelvin!

  11. (hides behind lamp post.. waits, resumes stalking......)

  12. You're a brilliant stalker my friend... Bravo!

    (hides beneath lamp post, sneezes)


  13. ..typical.... well that's blown our cover hasn't it....

    right back to your house, wait for the next victim....

    (shows gnome shiatsu pressure point for sneezing.....)

  14. Where did a nice Elderly like you learn all about shiatsu?

  15. ...erm.. saw it in a magazine in prague..... but that's all behind me now....

  16. Must have been quite an experience... What with magazines and all...

  17. ..well the magazine did enhance the charms of the topless female bartender and the latex clad hostesses.... though it was very difficult to read in the dimmed light....

  18. No candles, right? Pity, pity...