Jan 10, 2007

Half Life 2 and the society of spectacle

Half-Life 2. Or, as metacritic would easily argue, one of the top rated PC games ever. Also featuring an interesting non-slutty female character: Alyx Vance. Also the inspiration for one of the more pointless innovations ever and a true Dadaist's dream come true: News at Seven, an automatically generated and vaguely confusing news service (of sorts) presented by (a not naked) Alyx.

Then again, not everyone likes Alyx. Some people actually prefer enjoying nice free mods. Here's a selection of the weirdest ones I could find. The 3 Half-Life 2 mods that totally change the gaming experience and don't necessarily feature gun wielding ladies.

The first and wildly celebrated mod I've chosen for your very personal pleasures is BlockStorm. It's a mod that fully -not particularly succesfully though- utilizes Valve's illustrious Source Engine in order to create a Pong/Breakout clone to please us retro gamers. Get it here.

The Iris mod on the other hand is of a more contemporary school of thought. It's a point-and-click adventure, thus an act of adventure gaming propaganda. Be militant! Download it!

Iron Grip: The Oppression, the third and quite frankly best HL2 mod featured here, is an excellent RTS/FPS hybrid, set in large sprawling cities. The game mechanics are smart and intuitive and you can learn more about it at its well-designed official site.

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  1. (quietly kicks his xbox 360.....)

  2. (quietly lifts Xbox 360 and gives it some hot chocolate)

  3. Dont' fear Elderly - In a few months Half-Life 2 will be in our 360's along with tons of bonuses that come with the game...!

    Plus its said to look better than any pc version with the new improvements to the engine..!! :)

  4. Can't really see how it could look better than the PC version, but still.... I'll give a chance. Even though I don't have an Xbox... Heh.

    Oh, and what about mods?

  5. i love mods...... i even attempted retexturing morrowind and gave up, it takes so much time and effort...

    (stares silently at his xbox360 sitting at the table sipping hot chocolate.....)

  6. Wow! You're quite the talented tech-savvy chap, aren't you? Amazing. You attempted retexturing? I'm so impressed dear Elderly...

    (gnome accidently kicks Xbox)

  7. You already know my half-life juices are flowing... This has got them flowing like a river...

  8. Actually, that's qtie a disturbing image isn't it?

  9. Terrifying really.....

    Run to the hills!

  10. (elderly pukes.......)

    ....sorry i just couldn't help myself the thought of FC's juices....

    scuse me....

    (runs to toilet...)

  11. Quite understandable really... I'll fix some tea. Then we can sychoanalyz and de-traumatize you...

  12. ....cool i like dissecting things.........