Apr 5, 2006

Tremulous: Murdering Quake 3 banality

Long time readers of Gnome's Lair (well, actually it's not such a long time anyway, but you get the idea) might have gathered, that First Person Shooters aren't exactly my cup of tequila. It's not that I don't enjoy mindless massacres, it's not that Quake, FEAR, Doom and Serious Sam aren't good games, it's just that they are too similar. Too banal, and only redeemable through inspired user-base intervention. That's why I tend to look at interesting mods, like the Quake Hide 'n' Seek thingie, for a breath of innovation on the genre.

Enter, Tremulous. A Quake 3 total conversion mod with a strong RTS side, that heavily expands on every level of the Q3 engine. The graphics are better, the physics model improved, two distinctly different factions included and -that's the RTS bit- players get the ability to construct buildings. It's quite an interesting bastard of a game, and the download is less than 100mb. There's even a stand-alone version available. Hurry (for no apparent reason). Visit tremulous.net and download to your heart's content.

Then again, you might prefer Morrowind or Doom 3 mods. For all I know, you could even be interested in a Zombies!!! review or the latest indy Adventure game awards.

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  1. tequila? did someone say tequila?
    Nice post mr. gnome. Indeed modding of morrowind significantly enhanced the game for me.

  2. Yes, dear Mr. Elderly. Tequila. My bane. And glad you enjoyed the Morrowind mods....

  3. I'm not much into FPSs either (except for multiplayer Halo 2... why? Because, its, um, fun and exciting...), but yes, those mods definitely sound interesting. Unfortunately I have never tried any of them, but that could change sometime in the future...

  4. They are free, and not such hefty downloads... You could enjoy them, you know, ross.