Dec 5, 2006


And you thought the 32X was a weird add-on for the SEGA MegaDrive (Genesis for you US residents). Pah! Apparently you've never heard of the SEGA MEGA ANSER thingy. The software and hardware combo for the professional MegaDrive user. Yes, the professional; not the gamer.

All you, the professional, had to do was plug the MEGA ANSER cartridge, connect the remote-like controller and the MD Modem (sold separately) to your console and voila. You had a fully working answering machine, an online connection to your favorite Japanese bank and a pretty basic accounting utility. And you were an excited accountant ready to play out your very own -very private- American Psycho fantasies. With a console.

Right. You would have looked utterly sad. You know that, don't you? Thankfully, SEGA ANSER was only released in Japan. Even better, more info can be gathered here, here or there. Bliss.

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  1. and now, you can talk to sonic the hedgehog for FREE!!!! OMG, i gotta run out and get me one!!!!

  2. Wouldn't want to shatter your dreams, but guess you might have trouble getting one.... :)

  3. ..issa good guess... (dons ninja outfit and breathing equipment..)

    If memory serves me correct phhhhhh a shipment of consoles was lost phhhhh
    in the South China Sea.....phhhhhh
    I'll check it out.....!

    (jumps out gnomes Window....backwards)

  4. I think its pretty... I like seeing all these retro stuff...not matter how obsolete it is.

    Anyone manage to buy one ?

  5. But, Mr. Elderly, aren't you afraid of heights? South China Sea sharks? Lost console curses? No? You are indeed a brave man sir!

    Slacker, I wouldn't believe so. Unless of course it were a gaming professional with too much time...

  6. (elderly reconsiders....) your right i forgot phhhhh! i've got bingo on Friday night..... oh well.....phhhhhh!

    (flip flops back to the changing rooms.....)

  7. You flip-flop in and aout of changing rooms. Amazingly brave too. Ah you're me hero Elderly!

  8. think nothing of it ... i kinda like wearing scuba gear.....

  9. quite lightweight, without the tanks the mask the belt and the weights... just me and the rubber... smells a bit though......

  10. I can't wait to get one of these things and plug it into my Sonic and Knuckles cartridge! X^D

    *pictures Knuckles with a memo pad on screen taking messages*

  11. Hehehe... it will definitely be a sight worthy of Sonic...

  12. I don't play this but my dad is. He talk a lot about it. scary horror games