Dec 23, 2006

3D Ant Attack not an FPS. No matter what some commenters might believe. It's the best game to ever grace the ZX Spectrum instead. And it's in a 3rd person perspective, while also using brilliant black-and-white isometric graphics (pssst... read a review matey... over here...).

Thankfully, the creator of 3D Ant Attack, the revered Sandy White, has put up a fine Ant Attack webpage with tons of info and an online playable version, while other nice people have remade the game for the more-or-less modern PC; here and for free. Another remake -admittedly less faithful- can be found someplace else.

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  1. Enjoy your holidays, Gnome! :)

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  3. You too dear rc! Just dont overdrink and underdrive ;)

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    Thank you Mr. Elderly! And a Merry Xmas to you too...

  4. Those graphics are awesome.