Sep 29, 2006

Visiting Day paying PC and PSP a visit...

Horrible post title aside, the great news is that the (almost) final version of Mike Bithell's excellent, very free, mainly intended for the Sony PSP and totally indie game Visiting Day has just been released. Get it here and be a happy punter.

For the few of you infidels, that don't already know what this is all about, I suggest having a look at a certain older post of mine. Oh, and Visiting Day is playable on PSP (both offline and online), PC and Mac.

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  1. tsk!!! infidels, like where have they been.... is this not the mostest coolest site on this here planet? tut!....

  2. tut-tut!


    But of course my friend...

  3. you betcha in fact i'm going to stand on the internet highway and pass out these Gnomeslair fliers...

    people should know.....

  4. many thanks for the mention... so what does the illustrious readership of gnomeslair think of my humble little creation? :)

  5. Thank you Mr. Elderly. Guess I'll have to pay you for the advertising though... Say 5 euros/100 fliers?

    Mike, as always you're very welcome, and all gnomes loved Visiting Day.

  6. €5? do you realise how fast these fliers can travel let alone the inherent dangers of standing beside the internet highway...... have you ever seen a spider bot?

    no promoting the lair is a vocation.. money just cheapens the whole idea......

    (waves hello to mike the genious from the back of the ever growing crowd) us Gnome groupies love it too......

  7. (gnome is far too frustrated calculating pure economical realities, highway dangers, black ICE and the meaning of vocation to answer)


  8. and the 300 free NES games to play, you forgot the nes games......

  9. Ah yes... the NES games.. right.

  10. really your short term memory is not what i'd expect from a Gnome of your stature.... but i'm prepared to overlook it, if you promise to tell your doctor......

  11. I would tell him, I really would, by I really had to fire him. Anal probes just cant be justified. Science my arse.

  12. (elderly attempts to avoid the anal probing image... too late.. brain overloads, crashes........catatonic elderly returns to a happy place)