Sep 28, 2006

Mutant Chronicles: Warzone. Updates and freebies.

(Disclaimer: This is a silly post, part of the imagined massively-link-to-places online compo, where only gnomes are allowed to participate)

(A plea: Please ignore the disclaimer above. Thank you.)

Warzone, the sci-fi squad-based wargame of the Mutant Chronicles universe and my fondly remembered entry point to the world of miniature addiction & pain, has been rather dead for quite some time. Painfully dead. Excelsior's brave efforts didn't save it, brilliant Italian fan-sites didn't help and neither did the extensive cataloguing of the game's all three editions at Boardgamegeek.

All though is not lost. Not yet.

Matt Forbeck, one of the few -the happy few- people that originally shaped the (English version) Mutant Chronicles, keeps providing us with crucial info. Oh, and apparently an excellent and quite unpublished Warzone related PDF: Mutant Memories. Info highlights include:

-The new Mutant Chronicles RPG.
-The aptly named Mutant Chronicles Movie.
-The last Warzone miniatures stash (well, stockist).

Not bad. Quite reassuring actually. Who knows... Warzone edition 4 might someday live...

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  1. your generosity knows no bounds.... (not an s&m reference).... are all gnomes this generous....?

  2. Well, city gnomes at least. The rural ones are bastards....

    Speaking of generosity, I would advise browsing through the Italian site mentioned in this post dear Elderly... It is very much worth it.

  3. (elderly rushes off sure he's going to find a plethora of "just add water" angelina jolie pdfs..... 5 hours later elderly returns)

    damn i see your point.. i could blog for the next three years on the link list alone.... some people are just like born genious!!!

    thank you, master website finder....

    (elderly bows before the gnome Deity..)

  4. (Hideous, gargantuan and obese gnome deity, keeps on swinging back and forth idiotically to the tunes of the satanic flutes, that are constantly played according to the whims of the Outer Gods.)

    (gnome just blushes)

    Glad you liked it oh master of the walkthrough and discoverer of the quirky jaoanese thingies. And games.

  5. (competing for the lowest bow, the two friends soon find themselves on the floor smashing their skulls against the concrete)


    i think we should stop now.. whadda you think?

  6. Yes. And someone should help us get up... The lubago...

  7. ....I think i've severed by neck vertebrae.......

    (as the two figures lie immobilised on the floor, elderly turns to Gnome and says...)

    hey this place could do with a good vacumn....

  8. Yes, quite a perceptive remark. Did you also noticed the (very undead, quite pissed, definitely hostile) nurse is here?

  9. (tries to lift his head.....) ugh!... scalp fragments....Gross... well have you though about how the hell were going to get out of this predicament YOU got us into?

  10. I? I? Why does it always have to be me? Huh? Why? And do you really think it's the time to argue about it. The bloody Zombie is bleeding al over the place AND coming definitely nearer...

  11. ....attempt to look over his shoulder....(stabbing pain shoots down elderlies back....)

    holyyyyy fo...........k

    of course it's your fault.... and who the hell let the Zombie in.....

    you forgot to close the bloody halldoor again didn't you.

    .... wait now you don't think I had something to with all this..... your delerious.....

    and we're about to become dinner...

    Gnome use your magic... i don't want to end up as a fillet mignon.... quickly i can feel the fecker at my feet....

    for god's sake gnome.... .... help!!!!!!

  12. Ok.

    I'll give magic a chance.

    Would you rather have bunnies or butterflies leaping happily from my beard?

    Perhaps I should conjure 15 etheral dancing midgts? You think that would distract the nurse?

  13. are the midgets naked... look we havne't the time for prevarification

    the butterflies go with the butterflies.....

    (elderly starts praying.....)

  14. What butterflies are you talking about? You think it's appropriate having naked midgets around?

    Should I just destroy the nurse?

  15. (as the zombie begins to gnaw down on elderlies leg.... elderly emits a despairing plea for help)

    Zap the bloody Zombiiiii........ahhhhhhhh!

  16. OK. Zombie zapped.

    Now... how are we going to get up? My back is killing me...

  17. Phew!!!!.....thanks gnome that was close..... I guess we'll just have to lie here till someone passes by...... what time does gnomette get home?

  18. Oh... uhm... she doesn't actually live here... so... eh...
    I wouldn't worry. She'll definitely drop any moment now...

  19. Well looks your wish has come true! Warzone is back with a passion: Warzone Resurrection from Prodos Games. More skirmish but still the same essence of the original.

    1. Oh my, you are absolutely right and I'm giddy! Thanks a ton :)