Jul 31, 2006

The Games Quarterly Magazine

I really have to thank my dear friend Brian (whom I met over at Mr. Forbeck's excellent blog) for introducing me to an excellent and most esteemed of publications: Games Quarterly. A brilliant gaming mag mostly featuring board, miniature, card, family and Role Playing games, which Brian sent me all the way from picturesque (and quite hot) Texas (!).

The issue I got, the first Games Quarterly (but definitely not the last) I ever laid my greedy gnome's hands on, was quite a surprise. As it seems, I was a tad used to company affiliated magazines like the contemporary White Dwarf and Dragon, and had completely forgotten the feel of a truly independent gaming mag. I mean, I read all about games I hadn't even heard of and all about the educating potential of board games, and just couldn't help but remember how a magazine should be. Admittedly, I even liked looking at the ads. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Pure gaming bliss.

Thanks again Brian...

Now, oh cunning reader, why don't you have a look at the official Games Quarterly site? Or, could I perhaps interest you in reading my humble Space Hulk and Zombies!!! reviews? No? Care for a bit of Wraith: The Oblivion then?

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  1. (sneaks a peek at games quarterly) does this mean its in four separate parts......

  2. Yes... It's like a 4 piece puzzle, whereeach piece will set you back a quarter of a yoyo...

    Sort of...


  3. Hehe, that is great analysis elderly. Than again, you are an elder, which makes you superiorly smarter.

    Another quality game mag? I'm checking it out ASAP.

  4. Wise, isn't he?

    Well, this one though, is not so free Gamer C... :(

  5. (blows on his fingers and rubs them agains his chest)

    indeed not as free, and only available in four pieces, hiking the price up considerably.....

    though i may need to reconsider that statement.......

  6. Please don't. Love the sound of it...

  7. i could type it again? in japanese?

  8. Nope... Use standard Vietcong code-words... That's the way of the future.

  9. Chtkostej

    I presume you mean vietcong the game....

    (not being the shiniest apple in teh barrel.....elderly considers.........)

    maybe not.... i don't know any vietcong codes..... thats going to be a problem isn't it...?

  10. Hmmm..yes... quite inconvinient... Any other codes you might be familiar with?

  11. i know the safe cross code...... probably redundant given we'd have to cross over the busy highway and back 4 times as it's a quarterly...

    (checks to see if someones keeping notes........)

    then theres the boy scout code, how you don't hit another boy scout... when he's looking.....

  12. Aha. Right. Lovely quarterlies aint they?

    How can you send messages by not hitting boy scouts?

    (gnome consults notebook)

    No, it isn't free.

  13. the no violent message method involves ropes..... and knots...... lots of em.....

  14. There you go bringing your dirty fetishes into this godly thread again..

  15. no no you construct a suspension bridge over the hapless boy scout....

    elderly would like to point......boy scouts harmed..... knots...... in any way.....

  16. Ah I see now. Got it. Crystal clear!

    (a bridge? that's weird)