Jun 18, 2006

Nude Mario Videos

Not really. Sorry. This was just a cheap publicity stunt. Unfortunately this is not about nude Marios, or kinky Zeldas. It's about paper Marios, or to be slightly more precise about Super Paper Mario. A truly stylish forthcoming Gamecube game, with a truly interesting trailer (via):

And stylish (apparently) cell-shaded bosses (via):

Oh yes, forgot to tell you to mute the previous video. You won't need the sound for this one either (via):

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  1. probably a good thing the no nudity bit, though i had my eyes covered just in case. Game looks like a blast though

  2. I'm gonna enjoy it on my Wii. Hopefully...

  3. I read that title twice. I thought I read it wrong the first time :-)

    Who said the Gamecube was dead? Not yet! Paper Mario proves it still has life in it yet...

  4. On the other hand, Gamecube games wil be playable on the Wii.

  5. delight! i've never played Zelda (starts new copybook of must play games)

  6. Why don't you start a brand new tome (leather bound and all) with your soon-to-play games? I mean... Let's be extravagant.

  7. Tome it is!
    (claps gnome on the back) a splendid idea,

    although at the rate i finish games a tome it will be.

  8. That's settled then...