Jun 30, 2006

Gabriel Knight 2: The Videos of the Game

Ahh... don't you love another Elderly-style post? Of course you do and especially if it's all about Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within, the first (and evidently only) successful, playable, interesting and almost well-acted horror(ish) FMV adventure of gaming history.

Gabriel Knight 2, lovingly and surprisingly called GK2 by many, was a game that came on 6 (!) CDs filled with low-res video, high quality puzzles, engrossing story and, apparently, was also a game that was advertised via an impressive for the time trailer:

Though not up to par with its jazzy predecessor Gabriel Knight 1 or the magnificent (and my fav adventure of all times) Gabriel Knight 3, GK2 was very well received indeed.

Just Adventure review (A+)
Adventure Gamers review (4.5/5)
Four Fat Chicks review (Golden Star)
Quandary review (4.5/5)

Metacritic score: 89/100

Not bad. Not bad at all.

So... what else? Just one last thing. Before you all go off looking for the MobyGames entry, or start browsing online shops, have a look at a (funny?) Gabriel Knight 2 bloopers video:

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  1. Gnome. Stop raping The Elderly's style of posting. We know you're better than that.

  2. thank you mr.gnome for your significantly beautiful reference

    (dries his rheumy eyes),

    GK123 another stupendous find!


    I am honoured, astounded, bedazzled and .....stuff like that. tomleecee is right though, it is I who humbly sit at your feet, basking in your regal gnome aura.

    Chuffed I is

  3. Tomleece ... as you wish... I'll start raping the Yard's style... Wait for a Dreamcast review within the week!

    Mr. Elderly... please now... I'll blush. Again. *blush* There... see?

  4. ahhh more regal glowing

    bask bask bask bask

    a dreamcast review on the lair!
    (runs off to get camera)

  5. Of course... and then there will be a video of me eating a live, untamed Dreamcast! That's show business for you...

    After all, spectacle is only capital in tghe highest form of abstraction...

  6. A whole dreamcast in one go (gets a second camera)....

    (ponders gnomes teachings on spectacle) bask!

  7. I must admit this is Guy Debords' theory...