Jun 27, 2006

The Chaos Bowl

What do you think, oh wisest of blog-readers, would happen if we mixed a healthy dose of this:

with a tiny part of this:

and a bit of this? (:)

Well, what?

Apparently, something many of us have already dreamt of (in those dark and sometimes lonely nights): A Blood Bowl game by Cyanide, the creators of the beautiful, brutal and fast-paced Chaos League. Hoorah!

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  1. relive the glory of the world cup, "high facial kicks".

    Intriquing though

  2. Would you be able to imagine Alessandro Del Piero playing Blood Bowl? Nesta perhaps?

  3. I'm not a fan of computer games myself, but I can see how Blood Bowl done like that last screenshot could really appeal to people. But the Green Bogey Pickers will always rool! ;)

  4. The first Blood Bowl game though, would have appealed to you. It was a 100% faithful translation of the board game, to a turn based PC game. Now, if only the AI and graphics were only marginally better...

    Oh, and the Dark Elf Pimps and Bitches are by far the best team around here ;)

  5. throw in a russian referee and I can imagine a blood bath.

  6. Mr. Ivanov is indeed capable of directing a beautiful Blood Bowl game. Insightful as ever Mr. Elderly!

  7. (stands in the middle of the room and bows, then rushes back to gnomes blog)

  8. (Claps and claps...and claps a bit more. Then fixes a nice cold tequilla)

  9. i'll dri.....thank you I don't mind if I do.....Jamas!

    (sends another glass flying on its inexorable journey towards a stone wall)