May 18, 2006

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New Beta

Have you heard of Kaptain Brawe? No? Then let me tell you a bit about him, and apparently a bit on the Kaptain Brawe game as well. Well, Kaptain Brawe -a fictitious virtual persona- is something like a spaceship captain, while Kaptain Brawe the game is definitely like an adventure. It is not 100% ready, mind you, but well under development (the game, not the captain, that is). Apparently it's a rather humorous affair too. And, with brilliant 2d graphics along with quite a few interesting tweaks like lighting effects , a traditional point and click interface in the style of Curse of Monkey Island, nice music and classic gameplay, Kaptain Brawe seems the real adventure deal. Straight from the nineties, only updated and quite episodic.

The first episode will be released as freeware, that's for sure. For now, no demo is available (should be out in a week or so), only an early and admittedly promising beta. Download it from here or here (or even here), it's around 20mb.

Now, do enjoy a few screenshots, preferably by clicking on them and witnessing their full glory:

[UPDATE: Demo and website have gone absolutely live. Have a look here.]

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  1. Seeing as Monkey Island won't be back until 2015 (E3 Lucasarts revelation), this is indeed looking rather tasty.

  2. I want Monkey Island, and I want it now! Just like Jim Morrison did... regarding the earth... or something...

  3. The game has finally been released! You can download the demo and buy the game on GamersGate.

    official website:

  4. I know (though thanks for the tip) and it's quite excellent!