Apr 24, 2006

Museum Monday #11

Monday. Nothing bad has happened up to now, but all hope is not lost. Even so, my gnome's senses tell me that we'll pull through. At least for this one Monday. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and my hang-over is half as bad as I expected it. See? Mondays can behave.

On the other hand, I've (legally) acquired a spanking new Sega Dreamcast (it's the Dreamcast Junkyard's fault you know, I didn't want one, they made me buy it), and am thus going to lead you to the fine Dreamcast History virtual museum.

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  1. Cool museum this week Gnome =D Although claims that we come round to the lairs of innocent gnomes and force them to purchase Dreamcast related items at gunpoint are totally unfounded...

  2. Don't give in to false prophecies, Gnome. Especially "Decent" or "Not So Bad" or "Behaving" Mondays. Why? Well, you'll see next week, the week after... or the week after that. Just a warning.

  3. -tomleece: Yeah right... Who raped and burned my cat then? Who was infesting me with trojans? Who used my VISA to order 57 pizzas?

    -ross: Unfortunately my friend you are right. It's just that I didn't have a headache and felt (slightly) optimistic.

  4. The DreamCast was quite possibly the finest console I ever bought (and if it wasn't for the Xbox, the only console I ever bought) - nonetheless, Samba De Amigo, Headhunter and the arcade perfect port of Soul Calibur are all what I'd consider essential purchases. Unless you have work to do, in which case steer clear!

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  6. I do have some work to do, but I won't stay clear :)
    Thanks for the suggestions Steve.