Apr 25, 2006

Dungeon Man 3: A review of sorts

Blessed are the amnesiacs, for they 'll never cease to be amazed. Blessed too, are all god's creatures (great and small, every nasty hornet, every snake that bites etc), and especially the western human children, that have been extra-blessed with access to the internet (and apparently an abundance of food and water). They might be carrying the burden of feeling bad after too much staring at screens, but they also get to play Dungeon Man 3: Behold thy Graphics!!. For free and in their nice browser's window. Preferably by following this link.

Dungeon Man 3 is an adventure game. A text adventure game, or to be more precise a piece of interactive fiction. Some would even go as far as calling it a post-meta-text-adventure, others might add it was developed by Videlectrix. Point is, you actually get to type commands, and get responses -mostly sarcastic- from your PC. You also get to look at retro-themed graphics, and experience something like PC-beeper sounds. So far so good.

What's really special about this game though, is the brilliant writing. Playing DM3 will help you live some of those rare and rumored instances, when you actually laugh in front of your monitor. Well, at least I did. Of course. I also tend to find white walls extremely amusing.

Anyway. It's a great game. If you ever enjoyed Zork, then click here, for...

That's a (ten) out of (ten).

. . . . . . . .
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  1. DM3 looks awesome... another game for me to horrible at. :-)

    I've missed hearing from you my friend... Hope all has been well with you.

    Cheers :-)

  2. Meh... I'm relatively ok Tom, just a bit to pressed and with thousands of things to take care of... Guess I'll soon be back to normal rythm...

    Cheers man

  3. I'm glad to hear you're okay..

    I also wanted you to know...I enabled the comment feature on my blog recently, because I had a person who liked to stick his nose into what my friends and me had to say to one another... but he and his link are no longer with us. :-)

    I just wanted you to know in case I'm not here at the PC, comments may be a little late at getting posted.

    Have a good week Gnome... You have a good blog! :-)

  4. Thanks a lot my friend... You, too, have a nice week and crush cyber-weirdos...

  5. I didn't know there was a new one of these up. Always great fun. Thanks for the tip-off, (Mr?) Gnome!

  6. Well, welcome, and Mr is redundant. Just call me Sir Gnome....


  7. Ha ha - I got to the monastery, tried to attack the warbling bird and it pecked my eyes out!!! If I had more time and a decent attention span I'd probably have had another go...but you went and revealed the solution! It reminded me ever so slightly of Heavy on the Magik for the Amstrad CPC646 - you ever manage to play that?

  8. Shit no! And Amstrad was a favorite... haven't even heard of this game...

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  10. I am stuck, i have 22 pts and i was eaten by the fat monk! i don't know where to go, these dungeon doors keep poping up everywhere and i cant get the flask! can anyone help me?

  11. Can anyone help me? Im stuck , i don't know where to go anymore and the most productive thing i can do is get eaten by the fat monk.

  12. Have a look at the walkthrough... it's right here on Gnome's Lair... Failing that, when the monk puts you into the pot type "south" and escape...