Feb 18, 2006

Warhammer 7th edition: Slaughter at Skull Pass? (perhaps...)

This rather interesting picture, that first appeared on the German gaming site Kriegshammer, is supposed to be an official mockup of the forthcoming Warhammer boxed set. Seems, that the idea behind this, is more like the one behind the Warhammer 40k Battle for Macragge starter set, and less like the one behind the Warhammer 6th edition boxed set. Quite good news for new players, definitely cheaper, but without a proper, full-blown rulebook for the rest of us .

The pic (click on it, and see the glorious detail) does indeed seem consistent with rumors and so-far leaked pictures, and should be rather close to the final Games Workshop product. People speculate it might be called Slaughter at Skull Pass. You could of course find out what the right kind of people, the ones at the Warhammer forum or at Warseer, believe.

Finally, you -wisest of readers- might be interested in my Warhammer tactics article, the Monsters and Mercenaries Collector's Guide Review or a retrospective presentation of Warhammer based video games.

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  1. You have so much knowledge on gaming Gnome... that's so cool. Gaming is so interesting. I remember when I used to play unreal tournamant, I'd look online and I'd always see the same ip addresses playing, no matter what time when I looked. I think some never slept. I wish I had more time to game. :-)

  2. Thank you so much... You, on the other hand, are a great photographer!