Feb 16, 2006

Sam & Max tell Bone and Dank a tale

Telltale, a beacon of hope for us adventure gamers, and creators of the Bone: Out from Boneville game (based on Jeff Smith's comic books, and soon to be reviewed by me for Adventure Lantern), have leaked information and screenshots regarding its bony sequel Bone: The Great Cow Race. Adventure Gamers, the hosts of said screenshots, have also posted an apparently relevant preview.

And to justify this post's title, I 'll let you know, that Telltale have posted more Sam & Max and Dank webcomics.

[Update 25 Feb. 06] More Bone 2 info at Gamasutra.

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  1. Im really looking forward to the game and hopefully Telltale comes through.

  2. I guess they will actually do manage to make it... They are talented and listen to customer feedback... What else could we want?