Jan 3, 2018

It's a brand new 2018!

Happy new year everyone! Hope all goes well, and all/any nuclear meltdowns are avoided. Now, provided our generally wonderful species survives another year of its demented economics, and provided nothing goes spectacularly wrong on a personal level, I'm aiming for a truly productive and rather exciting new year. Hopefully, you see, several games I'm working on, have worked on or have consulted for will see their release in 2018 :) 

Huzzah, right?

Not surprisingly, I will of course keep focusing my work on crafting game cities, helping developers create believable urban geographies, tweaking immersive city environments, and researching playable/digital urbanism, which means more games to work on, more articles, more talks, and --if things go really well-- even a book. Paid work on virtual cities aside, I am also aiming to release my own little freeware videogames with distinctly urbanistic tendencies, get pen & paper RPG BLOOD BLUDGEON (facebook, twitter) published, and finish work on a still unannounced but almost ready board-game. 

Oh, and I will be re-doing both my Patreon and this very blog, to further align them to my work and interests of those several years past my games-journo phase. 

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