Mar 16, 2016

Progress Harder with Workers In Progress: Special Edition

I announced it a while back and it finally happened. Huzzah! Just like that and in the most magical of ways possible the brand new WIP is here and it's no longer a WIP, so, please, do take a moment to welcome and several to play Workers In Progress: Special Edition - Progress Harder. The definitive be-the-working-class-of-Greece simulation and, thanks to the amazing twine-powers of lectronice, a truly beautiful and polished text-based game.

But looks and fancy typography are not all that's changed. I've actually edited and partly re-written most of the game which, handily, can now be played in English, French (translated by EnsembleVide), Turkish (translated by Işık Barış Fidaner) and Spanish (translated by Pablo Martínez). Oh, and there's still a book suggestion for every ending you reach!

WIP:SE-PH can be played online on or downloaded from a variety of sources to be enjoyed off line and in the browser of your choice.

Reminder: I could really use your support via Patreon in order to survive long enough to make more indie gaming (and gaming in general) words and, of course, actual games and things. Thanks! 


  1. Hi Kostas,
    Can you change my Twitter link on this post from @fidaner to @barisfidaner?

    I distinguish my previous account from my new account by the charge on the first name Işık^- and Işık^+.

    Işık^- usually speaks in Turkish and either complains about Turkey or translates others' complaints about Turkey. It also translated several articles on more general issues into Turkish during the few recent years, but the Turkish speaking audience mostly resisted engaging in these issues.

    So Işık^+ is the new account I'll use for English communication and it will be more interested in games and game development as well as some psychoanalysis and politics.

    By the way, here is the Turkish translation:

    See also Turkish translation for Heroine's Quest review:


  2. Hey, and thanks for the heads-up dear Isik! I changed the twitter link too :) Cheers!