Dec 16, 2015

The Paradise of Issyos, Priorities and Progress

Two freeware games I'm most proud to have helped with have been released and that, dear reader, does make me rather happy. Here you can download Locomalito's excellent arcade platformer The Curse of Issyos and here you can play the Greek version of educational/political/strategy twine The Paradise of Debt (Ο Παράδεισος του Χρέους). I did come up with the Greek names for monsters and things for the former and translated the latter. 

Now that you know, I suppose it's time for me to get back to finishing Workers In Progress SE: Progress Harder which is almost done and looking way better than I expected it to and Earthling Priorities which has stalled again but is really close to release.


  1. Nice job! Haven't watched The Paradise of Debt (yet) but I've played Curse of Issyos (I'm an avid fan of Locomalito's games and Hydorah is my favorite) and had a great time. Mostly dying :)

    1. Yes, mostly dying is the best thing ever, is it not? Oh, and thank you for the kind words :)