Oct 9, 2015

The Watchful Indie Watch #9.10

Not much content posted on Gnome's Lair this week, I know, but not only have I been busy writing for IndieGames and Warp Door, but I've also been working on a rather huge article on that RPG that never was. You'll love it. Anyway. Here's the news:

Cyberpunk, pixel art adventure Read Only Memories has been released for  Windows, Mac and Linux and looks glorious and as close to Sega (Mega) CD Snatcher as we'll ever get. Haven't played it yet, but am looking forward to doing so very soon.

Shardlight has been announced by Wadjet Eye Games and it's a wonderfully post-apocalyptic game all about disease, death and hunger. Shardlight will be released sometime during the spring of 2016. The debut trailer's stunning too.

Prehistoric and suitably retro-like action platformer There Was A Caveman has made its debut on Steam. Love the pixel-art on this one.

And speaking of fresh releases on Steam, one simply has to mention Lumber Island - That Special Place for Windows. It is --quite obviously-- a first person horror thing.

Game of Drones is the latest update to excellent sci-fi explore-'em-up Duskers, that unsurprisingly focuses on drones. A list of additions and an appropriately nerdy video update have been released.

Arcade first-person shooter Devil Daggers has been announced and can already be glimpsed and voted for on Greenlight. It's being developed by Matt Bush of Dustforce fame and is looking decidedly '90s, which can only be a good thing.

Metroidvanias are also generally considered good things. You could go on and try creating your own with the pretty clever and aptly named Metroidvania Game Kit.

Memoranda is very close to becoming a magical reality point-and-clicker inspired by Murakmi's work. All it needs (and deserves) to make its stunning self a (magical) reality is a bit of Kickstarter support.

Bertram Fiddle, the colourfully nosed animated victorian adventure, is currently crowdfunding its second episode. Judging by the quality and humour of the first, this simply has to happen.

It's the month of the adventure gaming Kickstarter; that much is obvious. Here's the promising Demetrios - The Big Cyninal Adventure campaign and here's where you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Oh, and now for one final Kickstarter campaign. This one has absolutely nothing to do with point-and-clicks. It's the cartoony RuGBoT and it's all about blasting things.

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  2. (Had to delete my first comment due to bad grammar. Haha.)

    You're always in my RSS feed reader. Though I've kinda lost interest in gaming for years now.

    I'm wondering, what's your take on gaming burnout or gaming fatigue? Ever had this before?

    1. Hey, thanks for keeping me in the feed :) Also, I must admit to not being particularly interested in games for quite sometime myself during my early '20s, late teens and I frankly feel that was just fine. Don't think I'm getting burned out at the moment though, as games are essentially what I'm doing for a living.

      Am I answering? No, I'm not. Well, I suppose gaming burnout simply happens and it's okay. If you don't find games interesting at the moment there really isn't any reason to pressure yourself or anything :)

  3. No problem keeping you in the feed. Your articles are always interesting. Seeing as I'm not playing much these days, I just read gaming reviews and gaming culture stuff.