May 25, 2015

Eye^Game^Candy: Lionheart

Released late in the Amiga years --during the far too recent 1993-- Lionheart by Thalion didn't really receive the recognition it deserved for years, until people finally saw it for the beautiful (stunning even) fantasy epic that it is. So, after marveling at the excellent pixel-art posted above, I suggest you read about Lionheart over at HG101 and IndieRetroNews. You'll probably discover new ways of playing through the thing too. 


  1. A terrific-looking game and one of those sadly rare examples of programmers using the Amiga's abilities properly rather than just tidying-up an ST port. I'm glad people are still swooning over the graphics 20-odd years later.

    1. Those are indeed ageless graphics of a truly unique Amiga game indeed.