Apr 30, 2015

IGS, RPS, Earthling Priorities and that RPG

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
It seems that after another most substantial break I am back with yet another update. Why? Well, because I've been incredibly busy with all sorts of things and you'd most probably like to know what said things are. They interest you, dear reader, for they are all about games.

Let me start with IndieGameStand then, for this is the indie focused place I've started working with in order to provide people with a shiny new freeware gaming place (soon to be revealed) and some excellent, pay-what-you-want deals. The first one is already live and let's you grab Daedalic's Journey of the Roach and Night of the Rabbit adventures for less than $2. Not bad, eh?

Well, to move on to some not exactly brilliant news, my freeware column on the lovely Rock Paper Shotgun, Freeware Garden, is no more. It ran its course, showcased over a hundred of the best freebies available and has been put to rest, though chances are more of my words should be appearing on this excellent site. Also, you can still find my writing on indie things over at Indiegames.com and Warp Door.

Hopefully on a new still super-secret site too...

What's more, both that rather huge and decidedly unique RPG I've been working on with a most amazing team of people is progressing along slowly yet surely. Earthling Priorities, on the other hand, that short sci-fi adventure, should finally be finished in the following months. Weeks even.

But, enough about me. How are you, oh reader? 


  1. Actually, I've just recently took an interest in Freeware Garden, and have discovered a big stack of gems: IAMJASON is probably my favourite, but I also enjoyed birdsong, one after another, or Malleus Goblinificarium a lot. Currently trying to beat the very challenging sig.NULL (it makes me feel dumb in a way only Spacechem could) and Roguelight as well.

    Of course, that's when the column would have to end :'-(

    1. Ah, glad you appreciated the column :) It was a highly intriguing project, which like all good things simply had to eventually end.