Nov 14, 2014

The Watchful Indie Watch #14.11

It's been a busy week this one, you'll be glad to know, and indie game devs have come up with more than enough intriguing things that are either already playable or will soon be so. What follows is a selection of the most intriguing stuff.

We all hate Cedric. We've hated him ever since the first adventure games started speaking. We've hated him with a furious passion. Thankfully, the time for revenge  is nigh. Just grab Owl Hunt and murder the bloody bird.

Cynically hilarious (and brutally tough) point-and-clicker Randal's Monday has been released and is available for Windows and Mac via Steam and GOG. It's a gorgeous, cartoony game too.

On further adventuring news, excellent lovecraftian series The Last Door has gone mobile and you can tap your way through it on both iOS and Android. Not surprisingly, it's the enhanced Collector's Edition that got ported.

And, yes, there's more adventure gaming news! The alliterative Vincent the Vampire is currently seeking crowdfunding support over on Kickstarter.

Necklace of Skulls is a choose-your-own-adventure type of interactive fiction thingy that comes complete with combat, lovely illustrations and promising words. It's already available for iOS and Android.

7DFPS, the ultimate solution in FPS indie jamming, is once again here. Have a stroll and enjoy all sorts of weird and brilliant first person shooter.

Interesting and apparently surreal puzzle platformer Mushroom 11 can now be pre-ordered for Windows, Mac and Linux via the Humble Store. The full game will be released sometime in early 2015.

Dragon: The Game, an impressive action-RPG about being, yes, a dragon, will also be out in 2015, but at least you can early-access it via Steam. It's a Windows, Mac and Linux affair.

Bohemian Killing, currently asking for your IndieGoGo support, will be a courtroom drama set in 19th century, cyberpunk Paris. I love 19th century Paris. Especially late 19th century Paris. I sometimes enjoy cyberpunk too.

Twitch-racer freebie Barrier has gotten itself a new web-based version here. Android gamers can also purchase this excellent avoid-'em-up via the Google Play store.

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