Oct 17, 2014

The Watchful Indie Watch #17.10

I missed last week's update, I know, but here I am once again watching the indie scene for all sorts of interesting things and letting you know about them. Hopefully, I'll even manage to stick to a schedule too and finally get around to letting you know about certain things I am working on too.

So, what better way to kick things off than with a mention of the new HM Spiffing Kickstarter? None really, as this is shaping up to become a truly hilarious point-and-clicker and comes complete with its playable demo.

Then we have the launch of lovely shmup BloodSpace by the KayaBros and Amon26. The game, besides sporting a unique visual style, is free when you play it on your browser, whereas a downloadable special version can be bought here.

The Pirate Bay Bundle is a brilliant collection of quality freeware games curated by @moshboy you can grab via one handy torrent. The thing sports 101 brilliant, weird, small, not-so-small and generally ignored games.

Hilarious and excellently designed adventure game Metal Dead has finally appeared on Steam and has unsurprisingly retained all of its Heavy Metal/zombie charm and character. Surprisingly, it's gotten a bit better too.

Wunderverse is aiming to become a rather unique app that will allow people to craft interactive, possibly illustrated stories on the iPad. It's currently seeking funds via Kickstarter.

And another Kickstarter: Immortal Empire. This one promises to combine XCOM, DOTA and Diablo into a highly intriguing RPG thing. A massively multiplayer one at that too and one that really looks like something worth supporting.

As for this week's final Kickstarter, well, it's non other than the already successful That Which Sleeps. A god-game in which you'll get to play a most definitely lovecraftian god.

Oh, and if you are wondering just how tough developing games actually is, I suppose the recently released Crunch Time! is the game you've been waiting for. It's a humorous card game and one that will only set you back $3.99.

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