Sep 16, 2014

Patreons Shout Out The Second

Well, cuddly reader, following an okay-ish summer and an already nasty autumn I'm delighted to announce my return to my humble and beloved Gnome's Lair. Yes, it's been a long time and things have happened, but we'll have time for everything only right after I give another shout out to more of the wonderful souls that have supported my Patreon campaign:

Ofer Rubinstein (twitter): developer of Afternoon Hero who keeps a devlog here and a YouTube channel here.

Ludicrously talented Robb Sherwin (twitter) whose site you can find here and who has created some of the best written interactive fiction this side of the Great Underground Empire.

Talha Kaya; an indie dev who has been creating absolutely bonkers games as part of the (super) Kayabros. Find them on twitter.

The great (and very dear) Erik Zaring of the exquisite Dream Machine. You can follow his handcrafted adventure gaming antics on twitter and facebook.

Also, a great big thanks to Rob, Anatoly, Alan, Francisco, Marcos, Dan, Ivo, Ben, Tim, John, Richard, Kurt, Delyth, Georgios, Dagda and Daniel. You people are just amazing!

1 comment:

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